Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Sorry for the extremely long hiatus!i must shamefully say that I do not even have a reason! I attended the kitenge festival this past weekend that was at the Village Market. The dress code was obviously something kitenge.In obedience o this,I wore  a kitenge pencil skirt,a denim shirt and wedges and my favorite cream structured bag..

I went for this look coz I’ve never seen it anywhere before in the blogs or anything and I like to do my own thing! Trendsetter nayo (I kid) but really the weather has been pretty unpredictable lately, one time the sun is out,next time it's raining cats and dogs! the denim shirt is pretty heavy,so just in case it rained or got cold i was ok.

There were a couple of designers showcasing and these are some of my favorite…i loved the bow detail on the head,the detail on the dress, this right here is creativity at it's best!

I loved the hair detail on this model, be expecting this soon as i learn how to

my favorite designer was Marion of SERASERA
here are some of her looks, i admire out of the box creativity from designers, those outfits that you can't possibly imagine,the avant garde type

And once again my people always look fabulous!
Miss Winnie in all black…check out the shoes…

Miss Sheila in a sheer top with some lace detail and sky blue skirt…

Have a great week!
Miss Vavavum

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