Monday, 5 October 2015


Through the one year plus of researching and growing the #OwnYourCulture movement, I have been blessed enough to discover the diverse beauty of Kenyan culture and East African 'traditional' culture as a whole. This has been through asking older members of society, our beloved museums, historic writings and photographs and of course trolling the internet.Several communities in Kenya used the similar jewelry designs to adorn themselves, the difference would come in whether they were made of copper or beads. At this point it's absolutely safe to say that our great ancestors were pure creative geniuses!
Fun fact: did you know our ancestors wore these glamour pieces throughout their days and lives, like how glam was your home village? Each piece symbolized different situations in their daily life, so there were almost 100 pieces signifying different things. If you're anything like me, village life mustn't have been that bad, I mean dance festival days, fashion-like festivals(showcasing who had the most creative hair style or jewelry style)- I can live with that!

On research, colonization forced many Kenyan communities to disown and abandon, various indigenous jewelry and art. With #OwnYourCulture Campaign I seek to restore inherently 'traditional' pieces as fashion statements. And even beyond, because we as Kenyans really need to appreciate and nurture what is ours, from arts, music as well as these ornaments. For example this beaded choker, the intricate design and detail makes It perfect for the simplest LBDs! 
This piece is perfect for the office given it's colorful yet minimalist piece for Its size.

Neck Piece available at Kuona Trust Art Shop Nairobi

Visit @OwnYourCulture Instagram to see how trendsetters from East and South Africa style 'traditional' neck pieces. Join the movement, let's wear our culture with style and pride!
Makeup:Njoki Makeup

Miss Vavavum

Friday, 24 July 2015

The 'Hamasisha' Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are the hot wardrobe staple this season, Ideally worn by itself, the current Nairobi weather is not as conducive. However wearing it over a pair of ragged denims always does the style trick :)

My current go-to accessories are the various traditional pieces from around East Africa. They are so gorgeous and have some yummy colors!
Life is all about the right shoes people, the right shoes!
A closer look at the pink cut-out pumps

Head on over to Instagram and check out fab ways to style traditional East African jewelry, let's wear our culture proudly! More here > #OwnYourCulture

Shirt Dress : Hamasisha!
Pants: Thrifted
Pumps: Zara 

Miss Vavavum

Monday, 6 July 2015

Flower power Re-defined

Large traditional style Maasai neck pieces are easy to style especially against white canvases clothes especially so on the top half of the outfit. The colors on these pieces add a little fun to plain-colored outfits

Style the pieces with a timeless floral skirt, white tee, strap-on sandal heels and for a cool-kid effect add on mirrored sunnies.

Or style the look with the very on-trend slip on sneakers,

How would you wear your #MaasaiPiece or #KenyanTraditionalJewelry? Tag me on #OwnYourCultureInstagram
Have a power week! 
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Shine On

When It rains look for the rainbows, when It's dark look for the stars-Unknown

Be awesome, Shine on!
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Monday, 15 June 2015

Siblings Thrift Social 2

The creative scene in Nairobi has grown immensely in the past 5 years especially in the art and fashion industries. One such event  is the style gig - the Thrift Social by 2manysiblings. This past weekend saw the second edition held at Live at the Elephant in Nairobi. 2manysiblings is a brother sister duo of style and art enthusiasts, whose style sense and social media pages are a Pinterest-lovers dream! With their creative photos and a great sense of style to match. Their event, designed to appeal to style mavens and enthusiasts saw Nairobi's best style crowd, from fabulous 'fros to the latest trend in the fashion world and even the Maasai jewelry made appearances(besides myself!)

One half of the 2manysiblings duo ,


The tastefully curated stands,

 Suave bags,

Given the ever changing weather in Nairobi lately, I opted for my go-to outfit which easily works hot/cold weather, the old and trusted denim x denim. Little story about these pants, bought them 5 years ago when all cuffed harem pants were all the rage, fast forward a year later, trend died brutally and replaced with boyfriend jeans; being a woman of solutions, I ripped them off and thus the end result. And as luck may have It, ripped pants are really in season this year ;)

As part of the #OwnYourCulture campaign I'm running, It's mandatory(to myself mostly) to wear at least one traditional piece. This has greatly enhanced my creativity and envisioning techniques. Whether it's a new purchase or deciding to what to wear, I must always know which color/texture/prints of clothes will work best with these pieces. Lookout for cool Maasai pieces on

Lately, I have found that most of my 5 year old fashion pieces making a comebacks(see my post @missvavavum instagram), for example these red tasseled wedges that only come out in the cold season. Note- to pull off the ripped cuffs, make sure to pair the pants with stunning shoes

More style from the event, nude colored boots x shirt dress= this season's total style win!

When sports wear meets office wear,

Absolutely loved how she wore her Maasai necklaces!

For more street style, fashion and the event check out their site 2manysiblings 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Enkarewa (Maasai Jewelry) #OwnYourCulture

African culture is rich and beautiful. With modernization fast moving into rural areas, we must as Kenyans , East Africans, own what’s rightfully ours. We have seen our cultural pieces selling for millions abroad, why not own it and wear it proudly? and to better our creative economy, buy, create more and sell them? Beads have been a symbol of beauty in centuries past here in Africa and for the longest time, these pieces were the style items back in the day. I am of the opinion that these pieces are still stunners to date, and why not whip ‘em out and wear them proudly, as an appreciation to our ancestors creative genius.

Directed by; Cate Rira
Production; Panoram Production
I am curious how do you wear your traditional jewelry, tag me on @MissVavavum Twitter or @MissVavavum Instagram let me know!

Miss Vavavum 

Friday, 30 January 2015


One of the most profound sayings I have come across is that we(you and I) have the ability to create and live life in which-soever way we choose in abundance or otherwise. I am discovering and loving that with each new day and choosing to create the very best for me.

Are you living the life that you want? Why not start now? You can, I can, We can!
 Miss Vavavum