Sunday, 18 March 2018

Chokers and Braids

I am super in-love with this #OromoHair. They really bring out all the accessories! I most especially love how the look with statement chokers of different sizes
Channeling South Africa here with the up-do and Ndebele choker.

As always representing the Maasai in a small size but colorful choker, a perfect statement.

Accessories; @ownyourculture

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Elegant Braid by Darling Kenya Review

Darling Kenya, a hair manufacturer in East Africa, launched  new light-weight braids. These braids aptly called #ElegantBraid for the stylish women who love long, elaborate braided styles but love to protect their hair lines. The #elegantbraid is a solution for thinning hairlines caused by previous more heavy braids.

I choose an oromo inspired hairstyle for my look. I spotted this style on a kenyan Oromo, but I
 have noted similar styles across Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Decided to do single braids at the back to give me more styling options.

A top-bun 

This hair is much more silky and lightweight compared to its previous predecessors. Stack it with cowrie shells and you're channeling your ancestral queens.

All in all, these braids are very light, very silky and very smooth, with a very luxurious quality. I had a lot of single braids done and this hair feels superbly light on my scalp. I also washed it recently and it dries super quick and still maintains the fresh silk look no frays.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Bulbulia Threads x Refashion Africa in Maboneng Part 2

Trusting and letting go are very powerful energies. Whatever your goals/desires, trusting and acknowledging that the Universe will work with you in providing the necessary tools and resources- absolutely powerful stuff.

I believe we each have a purpose on earth and it's up to each of us to discover It and share It with the world. Sometimes our purpose may seem too large and we can't see a way to make money out of it. The best thing to do is to believe and trust that, somehow, someway your goals will come to reality.

Change starts with you, believe and succeed!

I will leave you with this powerful poem I came across early this year;

As children bring their broken toys,
With tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God,
Because He was my friend.
But then instead of leaving Him,
in peace to work alone;
I hung around and tried to help,
with ways that were my own.
At last I snatched them back and cried,
'How can you be so slow?'
'My child' He said, 'What could I do?
You never did let go'

 Clothes available here: BULBULIA THREADS
Jewelry: OwnYourCulture

Miss Vavavum


Monday, 17 October 2016

Bulbulia Threads x Refashion Africa in Maboneng Part 1

Maboneng, Johanessburg is beautiful. Popularly known for it's artsy vibe, It is a highly recommended area for tourist visits. Best time to go is over the weekend when it's lively and various markets are ongoing. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Bulbulia Threads, a South African fashion magnate. Her line consists of modest yet trendy pieces that can be elegantly styled with wardrobe essentials. Her clothes are worn by celebrities and have graced catwalks and magazines around the continent.

 Love the how the prints blend with the blue on this jacket, this can be styled with jeans to skirts or even dresses, see the runway looks here: @Bulbulia Threads Instagram. For a newbie, one of the easiest ways to style heritage pieces with a printed outfit is to style it with a neckpiece matching the dominant color in the print or simply wear a plain colored piece such as our plain white choker. (shop here)

I learnt a lot from the Bulbulia Atelier visit. There is great power in collaboration between fashion industry players. While making money is important, setting guidelines, fashion councils and well managed events is key for the growth of the fashion industry.

 For this bright lime yellow bomber jacket, I opted to style it with a grey on grey outfit, to bring out the fit and color of the jacket.
 I added matching color choker from my OwnYourCulture collection. The beauty of beaded chokers, one can style them by matching the outfit color to the choker or vice versa- pretty simple stuff :)

What are your favorite looks? 

 Clothes available here: BULBULIA THREADS
Jewelry: OwnYourCulture

Miss Vavavum


Friday, 7 October 2016

South Africa Fashion Week Day 5

They save the best for last! On this last night I opted for a red jumpsuit from Coloured sugar, I felt so sexy and fierce in it, check out the fun moments in it on my Instagram feed 

Photo c/o Sunglass Hut #ShadesOfYou Photo booth

Legendary model turned designer Ephymol closed fashion week with a spectacular collection of mesh, sports-luxe pieces, just the right amount of ruffle detailing on the shirts. Despite facing personal tragedies, the show went on. This was also in commemoration of his late friend and popular musician Mandoza. Everything about this was just right.  See more below.

To see the rest of the shows check out my Instagram feed @missvavavum
Miss Vavavum

South Africa Fashion Week A/W17 DAY 4

Day 4 marked the beginning of the menswear collections showcase. This day also happened to be Heritage Day, where everyone gets to dress up in traditional regalia as a celebration of South African culture. See the dope street style.
In line with these two themes, I opted for an oversize, man-style denim jacket and as homage to Kenyan heritage- a leso dress and Malkia choker designed for my OwnYourCulture collection.

Jewelry& Dress:OwnYourCulture

Photo c/o Sunglass Hut #ShadesOfYou Photo booth

The menswear collections were nothing short of amazing. Present were bold prints, unique cuts and designs. One such collection was by AfrikanSwiss, that presented an interesting twist to everyday wear. This collection had fringe detailing on pants, unexpected designs for zippers, fun restyling of the ordinary button-up shirt. The coolest of this was the one shoulder styling of fabric common with many African communities. Again so very #OwnYourCulture! It's great to see the addition of heritage in today's trends.

I find it quite fascinating , the evolution of menswear fashion today. This next collection presented flowing , loose cuts and patterns. Very much today's menstyle by Rogue

Showcasing a fresh way of incorporating prints this next collection by D.O.P.E cool and dope just like the acronym for this fashion house.

To see the rest of the shows check out my Instagram feed @missvavavum
Miss Vavavum

South Africa Fashion Week Day 3

I actually had nothing to wear on this particular day. Thankfully I got this pieces from STITCH&STEEL in Maboneng.
Given It's unique cut and print- all of my colorful jewelry would be swallowed up- I opted to princess It out in a shingled head piece. Brushed my hair into a bun and this was the final result. My perfect way of African Unity- South African made dress x Kenyan jewelry ;) so very #OwnYourCulture

To give me an illusion of height and long legs(best suited for such a dress, to avoid looking frumpy) I wore black lace-up high heels.

Like previous days, the collections were chic, trendy and glamorous. First off was Keys Fashion whose collection embodies feminine elegance and gracefulness while offering trendy, statement pieces.

Another collection that stood out was Erre, these pieces were magnificently structured, from flowy dresses, flattering cuts to leather ruffled crop tops.

To see the rest of the shows check out my Instagram feed @missvavavum
Miss Vavavum