Monday, 13 April 2015

Enkarewa (Maasai Jewelry)

African culture is rich and beautiful. With modernization fast moving into rural areas, we must as Kenyans , East Africans, own what’s rightfully ours. We have seen our cultural pieces selling for millions abroad, why not own it and wear it proudly? and to better our creative economy, buy, create more and sell them? Beads have been a symbol of beauty in centuries past here in Africa and for the longest time, these pieces were the style items back in the day. I am of the opinion that these pieces are still stunners to date, and why not whip ‘em out and wear them proudly, as an appreciation to our ancestors creative genius.

Directed by; Cate Rira
Production; Panoram Production
I am curious how do you wear your traditional jewelry, tag me on @MissVavavum Twitter or @MissVavavum Instagram let me know!

Miss Vavavum 

Friday, 30 January 2015


One of the most profound sayings I have come across is that we(you and I) have the ability to create and live life in which-soever way we choose in abundance or otherwise. I am discovering and loving that with each new day and choosing to create the very best for me.

Are you living the life that you want? Why not start now? You can, I can, We can!
 Miss Vavavum

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Life's a party enjoy it!

They say life is what you make of it, what do you choose? I for one know that I choose to have mine as exciting as can be!!The year is off to a great start, I am loving every minute of it! The sun, the excitement of knowing what is to come, life is such a joy ain't it!?
It's summer time in Nairobi, the suns out with a plan! We all need to have every skirt style in our closets! Everyday in this heat deserves a flirty dress/skirt. Flapper skirts(pictured) are very in the moment currently. I got this cute striped one at Mr.Price Nairobi. It's fun and flirty and very fun to dress up/down. This time I opted to layer the vest over as opposed to tucking it in- a girl needs some fun in her outfit!
A close-up of my 'do, I wanted something fierce yet manageable with my own hair 
As always, the preferred accessories had to be with some Maasai culture love and another hot  number for the rest  of this season- cat-eyed sunnies. Finished the look with a pair of my trusted chunky-heeled strappy sandals.

Have yourselves a power week!
Miss Vavavum

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Year of the Flatforms

Flatform- flat shoes with platform soles, you've got to love these new fashion words! When this shoe style first came back 3 years ago, I swore myself to never wear them(i take it back now) That's the thing with fashion, sometimes It just grows on you and with that I have made the decision to never say never when it comes to fashion. The shoes are really cute in bright, pastel colors, suitable for this hot weather.
 For a cute flirty look, pair your flatforms with your favorite crop top and flowery a-line skirt
Neck pieces: Maasai market
Top: Hamasisha!
Skirt: H&M
Kiondo bag: Kariokor Market

Have a fabulous week!

Miss Vavavum

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Maasai Mara

Happy new year!!! Are y'all feeeling the excitement of the new year? 2014 was superb year for me! Took all of the biggest risks of my life in a span of 6 months! And through determined faith, every single thing worked out in large volumes :) My dear readers, there is IMMENSE power in going after what you want, working hard at It and believing!
 Having found a new and heightened appreciation for fabulous traditional pieces, it was only right to end the year at the Maasai Mara - the land of rich culture. It was absolutely  breathtaking going back there as an adult, with renewed awe for the rich culture that exists there as well as the magnificent scenery, the naturally beautiful wildlife, the tranquility, even the sky seemed more blue-er! It was simply magnificent! We drove from corner to corner of the Mara, I could even see over to Tanzania! We toured towns around the Mara, It was magnificent! I really enjoyed my travels last year
Here's a snippet of some of the images.
A hyena lying in a puddle of water cooling off
Mr. Ndovu

Bwana Twiga
Beautiful sunrise in the morning,we had such a perfect view of the escarpment,

Cheers 2014, you were real good to me!

We stayed over at The Mara Sun Lodge(Seasons)
sidenote: It's highly advisable to drive here with 4WD vehicle, especially in the rainy season.
I will definitely going back there in the near future, that was a marvelous way to close the beautiful year that was 2014!

I look forward to even greater achievements this year, life is what you make of It and I am making mine FABULOUS and SUCCESSFUL!

Have a prosperous 2015! Success is ours for the taking!

Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Little Things

Being totally involved and bombarded by  life's 'normalcy' may lead to loss of attention to beautiful things around us. Taking a different point of view. We live in an exotic, city! The richly colored trees, the blue skies, the moving clouds, the flowers... I could go on and on, life really is beautiful.

I believe in the importance of being grateful to experience the beauty of the little things around us. It makes life so much more bearable and even as sources of inspiration. 

I am still very much into Maasai inspired neck pieces, this color is just so yummy! and blends in with the summer feel of the skirt. Also, it adds a little brightness to even the dullest of days ;)
Every new day is a gift, take notice of all the beautiful things around you!
 And stay happy!

Happy thanksgiving!
Miss Vavavum

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

At Nairobi Fashion Market

Ahh... The Nairobi Fashion Market... brings back some great memories, young and hungry, chasing after my fashion dream backed with nothing but willingness, focus and a passion for fashion. This was some 3 years back, I landed my first ever style gig at this event, a good story for another day!
Well this past event was no different, this time still very much filled and driven by my passion for fashion, A LOT more knowledge, valuable experience and a dire need to do my best to build the fashion industry.I spent most of my time hunting for designers, my goodness we have great talent in this country!
It was great to be back, mixing work and play-life's little joys ;)

Checking in to the event with my younger sister

Racks and racks of clothes- so much color and prints ;)

the runway

The weather was rather dull on this particular day, but fortunately the sun made a brief appearance. I opted for a monochrome look with a touch of culture, while my sister looked absolutely yummy in orange skirt + black high neck top (side note isn't her neck piece stunning?!)

Miss Vavavum