Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Of Birthday weeks and Fashion

It has been quite an eventful weekend, celebrated two of my friends birthday in a period of just three days?!
 for the first birthday which was last week on Thursday, i went for a mix of khaki and denim and Aldo oxfords. I went all African on the jewelry, beaded necklace, fibre-spun earrings and a colorful headpiece. We were going for an Ethiopian lunch, some hookah and later on drinks. The look was more less casual but stylish. The make-up, hairdo,and shoes indicating that i do know my fashion.( i always like my outfit to express so :D)

i just discovered this new hairstyle, how amazing is it?!

 the birthday girl herself looking pretty in a printed top and an up do

her birthday was on 17th and coincidentally the table at the restaurant we were in was number 17!

 over the weekend, i attended a cocktail party, these are photos of before we all headed out...
my sexy lady friends...

 once again, i went for print on print, i am enjoying all the mixing of extremes :) i hate ordinary everything, i enjoy pushing the limit especially in dressing. and with this new hair style, the outfit was complete! i wore vintage earrings to finish up the look. No much jewelry this time, i felt the outfit a statement in itself.

 for more photos of the party, visit
Miss Vavavum

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Print on Print

Print on print is amongst the hottest trends for this year. I wore this to church this past Sunday, a striped top and a floral skirt completed it with nude pumps.

Striped top-Adamz, floral skirt- H&M, nude pumps- Dorothy Perkins
neutral colored shoes are best to complete a print on print look.

have a warm week!
Miss Vavavum

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Baduism Inspired

I attended blankets and wine on Sunday, my favorite band, Liquideep was in the country, I wore an Erykah Badu inspired outfit, brown fedora,orange blouse,denim shorts and wedges. 

 i actually took these photos in the house, i knew i would be too occupied watching them perform.

Blouse(Dorothy Perkins) layered chain necklace(Maasai market), denim shorts, wedges (ASOS)
Friends looking lovely…

Today i wore denim and white, a combination that works out for almost any other occasion. I wore distressed jeans and a white sleeveless blouse and  two-tone ballet flats.

Miss Vavavum

Saturday, 5 January 2013


  This may be albeit late but these are some of the highlights of my 2012. I had a great year really, achieved most of what I had set out to do.  My greatest moment however is April 14th 2012, this was when I co-ordinated a fashion show for an organization I am part of. I got to work with several big names in the fashion industry and it was truly amazing. Here are some pictures of the fashion show…

My very good friend Imelda and I

My outfit: (tulip skirt-Ankara Vintage, white vest- Mr.price, wedges- forever 21,)

 Another  highlight of 2012 is the birth of this blog and every other moment spent with loved ones.Also getting featured in East Africa’s True Love Magazine, in the street-style section, it was small but I still am glad to have been featured. This was at Kitenge Festival, see here
For  the last moments of 2012 that is on NYE,i spent in the city, which was rather cold,i went for black  leather tights and a floral peplum with nude pumps(forgive the photos the photographer  had one too many cocktails)

Looking forward to much greater things this year!
Happy new year
Miss Vavavum