Monday, 25 August 2014

WHAT SAY YOU? A StoryMoja Discussion

What first comes into your mind when you hear descriptions about youth? A lot has been labeled on this group of people: engaging in careless sex, frivolous spenders or wanting that get-rich-quick life, drug addicts unemployment and so on. But the question begs: Is that our identity as the youth?   Are they completely limited to the title and shenanigans of immorality and hopelessness?
Do we as youth deserve this label? Is it completely true? Is that all we are? Are we forever doomed to that title? Is there something we can do to change this?
In a bid to answer these pressing questions I sought the good old dictionary and this is the definition

Youth: young people considered as a group.

Obviously I fall into this age group; I am not here to judge but to simply air my views and observations.
In my opinion I see youth as an opportune moment of potential, talent, strength and vigor. Youth is a time when life’s most crucial decisions are made: career, long time life plans and so on. To me young people are brilliant gold mines waiting to be dug: the ideas they have, the creativity and enthusiasm for life: great tools to build any nation. This is especially so for us tech savvy people (if you are reading this you are too) We have tons and tons of information online, we are connected with each other all over the world = able to see and be inspired by the great innovations going on elsewhere.  When we look around especially if you live in Africa, there is so much we can innovate/create/ provide service as youth to better ourselves and the economy.
I believe anyone who lives in Africa especially in this digital era is capable of bringing great change to this continent.  I look around me and I always see potential, job opportunities, innovation opportunities. 
I do  A LOT  of research online I have a knack of knowing things. I look at other continents and see people as old as I am creating the Tumblrs etc ; my question is, what stops us from innovating? We are equally intelligent and capable and I dare say have even more opportunities to invent and create things here.

To me the label placed on the youth is just a label, there are some facts that are true but in the end, it is just a label. This label does not stop you or me from being amazingly awesome in our respective fields.
Let us not live in this mediocrity just because it is the the status quo it does not completely mean that is what we should adhere to.

I’d love to know, who are the youth to you? Is the above described titles befitting? How are you making a difference?
Join me this Friday from 5PM at the Storymoja offices in Springvalley as we carry on this discussion.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


All through my life I've had a thing for doodling on any written material I own, this piece is actually a re-make of one of the things I used to scribble on my notebook some 10 years back.

See the original piece Miss Vavavum fashion at 10 years 

Have you used I would love to know your experience!

                                                                     Miss Vavavum

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Blankets & Wine 54

Day in day out I am always excited about the opportunities/ lessons each waking moment brings. One thing is for sure, the more days go by, the more exciting things I come across. I am always excited to see people who push boundaries in order to grow/ challenge the status quo(within legal and moral lines). Exactly 2 weeks back, I attended the  54th edition of Blankets & Wine. Which btw has a whole new exciting look to It(such are the things that excite me, going that extra mile, it's refreshing and inspiring)I was amazed by the new look, the addition of the new platforms especially the Art & fashion hive clinched my right spot!(obviously)
The event has added new segments such as the Art Hive whereby amazing artists showcase their items.

The Fashion Art Hive

 Funky T-shirts by Chilli Mango

How innovative is this?

The Children's play area
 The PAWA 254 segment that showcases top films from around,

The stage area where live bands play, you may still carry your picnic and shuka like old times
 I absolutely loved this ensemble on Wendy Kimani!
Myself and my current obsession, the Maasai neckpiece. You see, let me just explain myself, this absolutely stunning piece turns even the blandest of my outfits to an absolutely cool ensemble. Given that this particular Sunday was rather dull(translating to layering of clothes) I settled for this heavy denim on denim look and my lovely Maasai piece to add that 'vavavum' ;)
The beauty is always in the little details

There were breaks in between performances to enable people move from one segment to another, If you consider yourself an enthusiast of both the performing and visual arts this is definitely the place for you- so much goodness to take in!

Spotted at the KWANI? stage, there was an ongoing reading and sale of selected books

Long live music!
 It's always a good time with Jack Rooster on the decks, this segment is completely dedicated to Afrohouse music, my other favorite ;)
With my soul sista :)

Catching performances in the evening

Clearly there is something for everyone to enjoy! Hope to meet some of you at the next event!
For my outfit details check out
Have yourselves a super charged week!
Miss Vavavum