Thursday, 26 May 2016

#OwnYourCulture: Makeup with Winnie

Lately, I have found myself more and more intrigued by beauty and different makeup items. I am a fashion girl to the core and most times, I like my face as simple as possible- a dab of foundation, lipstick and if I remember- mascara. I have nothing against makeup- I just really prefer to have outstanding outfits and clear, glowing skin. I always hope to do that naturally but given my kind of work schedule, I suffer from dryness sometimes or just tired skin from several sleepless nights or long days in the sun! I love that through we get to meet so  many fabulous experts. One such expert is Winnie of We got the deets on perfecting your makeup skills. Check out for more!

Jewelry; OwnYourCulture
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Miss Vavavum

Monday, 16 May 2016

#OwnYourCulture: Congolese Edition with Rshan Phonsi

With the #OwnYourCulture movement It's my hope and dream to travel across Africa learning about the diverse cultures. I have been having a superb time learning from around East Africa, the beauty of it all is completely breathtaking. I can only imagine how much more fabulous lays beyond here. I was super excited to work with Rshan a Congolese style blogger. It was exciting to learn about her home and culture.  Being passionate about her country and youth empowerment, two ideals I hold dear, It was amazing to get together to create and learn. See more of our cool style visuals on

Styling cultural pieces with print tees vs plain tees
Our Malkia choker looks good on about anything don't you agree?!

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Photo& Direction: Perpetua Adoyo
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Friday, 6 May 2016

White Basics with Wamboi Kay

Have you been to our new site yet?Get in the know! We've been featuring some of Naiobi's top trendsetters in hair and fashion. For me #OwnYourCulture goes beyond just fashion and cultural jewelry. It's the power behind it- creating new mindsets about African fashion and art. Also It's an added advantage that each #OwnYourCulture Stylista just happens to be inherently cool and breaking ceilings in their chosen careers! Cheers to all winning women! One such lady is Wamboi Kay, fashion editor extraordinaire, see more of her work here Peep some of the cool visuals we shot and stay tuned to the second part of the series where she dishes out her success secrets!

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Miss Vavavum