Sunday, 29 July 2012


Hey there!

Sorry for the long hiatus, I have been having a mega busy week running up and down, running errands, trying to finish school projects and assignments, it ain’t no mean fete I tell you!.
Anyway, the weather today was cooooollllldddddd!! Am so used to waking up to sunshine on Sundays(cool rhymes right?... I kid hehe)
I hate dressing for cold weather find it a bit limiting and also that most warm clothes tend to be dark in color, and I love color!! They have this happy feel about them…
 Most Sundays I like to keep it girly or vintage ,given that I attend church  and I also like to rock heels because on most Sundays, the family likes  to go out for lunch so I must always stay fabulous! (depending on the place though)
I chose to wear these jeans, the button up blouse and  the tweed jacket, one of my warmest coats, the oxfords, I didn’t feel like rocking boots, I felt that many people would be in them and I hate, uniformity, I always like to stand out from the crowd…

The red  earrings, the button up blouse, THE neck piece, a statement in itself…

Check out the shoulder detail on my tweed jacket…

The purse….this baby spices up just about any outfit…the color, the material…

The shoes, from Aldo, my favorites! I spend most of my days running up and down and comfort is one of my key concerns, and with these shoes, the heel is decent and they are so comfy and stylish

and the final looks,

Have an amazing week!

Miss Vavavum


Sunday, 22 July 2012



I trust you all are well!

I had a pretty chilled weekend, just went to the theatre yesterday, met up some friends, no partying this weekend, the economy isn’t exactly good on my side(bummer!)

ANYWAY..the weather was fairly good today, woke up to the rays of the sun seeping through my bedroom window…(yes I paid attention during my English class)

Moving on swiftly…

I consider Sundays a pretty chilled out day, sometimes I spend most of it nursing hangovers, BUT today  I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy(damn! am on a roll) I went to church with the family, it’s our Sunday tradition.
For church Sundays, I like to keep it decent but fabulous, I am a self confessed addict of  fabulousity!! I also dress according to the weather, you can never find me on ‘freeze and shine mode’ I love to look good no matter the weather!
 I chose to wear this high-waist sheer skirt, another one of my best buys, I paired it with a denim shirt, and brown strapped wedges and with a black quilted purse

check out the detail on the skirt band

 I completed the outfit with these earrings ,i love the details and  the falling chains, the pendant was a gift from my lovely mother.   

A closer look  brown strapped wedges

and voila! A nice 'vavavum' look  for church J

Have a lovely week
yours truly,

Saturday, 21 July 2012


It’s been a lovely Saturday, the weather was good, met up with some good friends, one of those feel good days J
I wore this cute little dress, bought it some time back but haven’t really got to wear it much. I woke up feeling girly at the same time, I wanted to rock this denim jacket, it’s a recent buy, can’t get enough of it either!!i was going to the theatre today, wanted to keep it girly with a twist.

notice the cool sunnies, i love these! and the earrings to add some colour to it.The best part is the dress has a lovely beaded detail around the neckline.

went for the red lipstick to add some ‘pow’ to the outfit, red lipstick tends to have this vavavum effect on even the plainest outfit!

I loved the denim jacket, it has been insanely cold and windy(damn the PMS weather smh) and since I was going to be up and about, I settled for these pink flats J I was feeling all girly and sweet J

I wore the small sling bag, had a studio class early in the A.M this bag is enough for the necessities (ladies you know what I mean hehe ) on most Saturdays, I  like to carry compact bags that have just what I need and go with just about any outfit.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss vavavum


Friday, 20 July 2012


Hello lovies!!

I trust you all are well, its FRIIIDDAAAYY!! One of my favorite days of the week J the weather today was pretty good, finally a break from the icy cold we’ve been experiencing lately :-/ today’s outfit is one of my favorites, those clothes that yo could even sleep in hehe I had some work thing to do and being casual Friday, there really is no much pressure to keep it all official.Currently I am so majorly obsessed with sheer and chiffon blouses I just can’t get enough! i love these jeans they fit right and are so perfect!

And PLEASE do not mind the poses!

notice THE shoes

i love the blouse,it soo shiny button-ny(due to lack of better words)

and my coat,it was abit cold in the morning,perfect yet stylish for the weather

and credits to the awesome photographer and good friend

have a lovely weekend

miss vavavum


Monday, 16 July 2012


Birthdays… a time to celebrate, a time to gauge how far you have come or how much you have achieved , and everyone’s favorite; the presents, the party, the company of those you love, finally become legal hehe and so on… enough of the seriousness sooo I had my birthday this past Saturday, turned a year older and celebrated all the blessings and the far that I have come. All my family and friends know how obsessive and insistent I have been about my birthday. You really can’t blame a girl for trying hehe, for me birthdays are really important days, it is the day you came into the world and began your life to awesomeness(that’s how I see it) it is when you look at all your achievements, appreciate your blessings, set new targets, and so on(and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the presents) It is truly a precious day for me! Anyway, I had a small dinner party at an Egyptian restaurant, explains the headgear…

Being a lover of color  I chose this outfit; once again vavavum!! I love the contrast, the coat…. And the dress is glow in the dark, I was the light of the club(literally) and the shoes! Being my special day, I felt it right to be the light in this case, the color of the party hehe

i minimised on the jewellery, i felt my outfit was loud enough,don't mind the poses

I feel so brand new! Looking forward to more great years ahead!

Have a blessed q  week

Yours truly

Miss vavavum


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


welcome to my VAVAVUM lifestyle!I am a fashion, arts, photography and music enthusiast. This is my blog and I wish to share all my dreams, aspirations, my achievements and most of all my day to day style and escapades! I love to travel, read classical and African books(no bias really I just find my African roots uber fascinating! hehe) and of course fashion magazines! I am also a lover of the outdoors(watching rugby and picnics) stay at home isn’t really my thing…I believe in living each moment to the fullest, my role model is my mother, the woman is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I am truly blessed to have her in my life. My fashion is inspired by a lot from international fashion blogs to just ordinary people in the street. I believe my style is inborn and  this is my journey to being one of the most rather the BEST fashion journalists in the world. Am here by public demand and both by personal fulfillment. Vavavum is a word ,mostly used to describe something that is out of this world, amazing beyond words, it has that wow effect on people!! it describes my dressing rather style. I love statement pieces, be it jewellery, shoes, a coat,I feel it adds an ‘oomf’ to an outfit hence the word vavavum. Not to worry I have my simple dress down days too lol .i am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism, I hope to one day host a fashion program. I am pretty young and happy about it too! I believe I have achieved or rather done a lot despite my very young age!

Here is a summary in pictures of how my life is,what I do etc

Yours truly

Miss Vavavum