Saturday, 28 September 2013

Miss Vavavum Bantu Knot-Out Tutorial

After receiving so many of your emails asking for a tutorial on my hair, here goes!!

I did this via the Hangouts on Air option on my Google+ profile. It is pretty simple, just click on the option and set it up, you can have a video chat with up to 10 of your friends from anywhere in the world for free! No extra charge :)
I figured this was the only other option for me, the whole production of a video would take quite some time.
On this video, I had already have the knots done. I hope the video is clear enough.
I'd love to hangout with you guys! I can show you step by step on the how-tos :)
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Miss Vavavum

Friday, 27 September 2013

What is life If you cannot enjoy some good food?

We all have those moments, sitting at home after a long day but having an urge to eat out, not the dial- a –delivery fast-food, but that special favorite meal from that one restaurant that seems to get  it right all the time! That was the situation between my mother and I this past Friday night. So we were pretty lazy all tired from work, but in the mood for good food. We ended up just settling for the usual pizza for dinner. (Due to our extremely limited techie knowledge)

I recently came across Hellofood an online service that has your food from your area delivered directly to you?! Can life get any more convenient? And get this; they work with the best restaurants around! On the menu, they have listed restaurants, food and price, an even easier way to explore restaurants from the comfort of your home.
I have also been doing some food exploring myself, trying to find my ideal food style, this is in line with all the new and amazing restaurants springing up all over town. So the other day during our regular meet ups with my friends, I was introduced to this a Malindi Macchiato,
Now that I can have that delivered to my home or office, life’s great pleasures!
Visit the website
Download the app on your mobile phone/ tab or pad here: Hellofood App
Good food is just a click away!

Miss Vavavum

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pamoja Wakenya

In light of the past 4 days events, I would like to take this time, to say a prayer to all those innocent souls that lost their lives during the Westgate Siege, may their souls Rest In Eternal Peace. To the families of the bereaved, you are forever in my prayers, that God may see you through this trying time. To the brave soldiers that lost their lives to protect the country, I celebrate you and you all shall live in memory as great heroes that saw Kenyans resume peace. To the police that saw that each hostage was safely released and that the rest of Kenya was safe, I am eternally grateful to you. To the medics and volunteers that worked hard to save lives of the injured, I salute you for your bravery and selflessness, all to ensure that the injured live to see yet another day. And to my fellow Kenyans that came out in hundreds from all parts of the country, despite race or tribe to help your fellow citizens through donations, I thank you. I am entirely encouraged by our togetherness that we have seen in the past few days.

 Pamoja Wakenya 
After reading this kindly take a moment to say a prayer for the bereaved families.
Miss Vavavum

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Of 'selfies' and unruly hair

 Wearing your hair one way can get pretty boring at times. As much as I love my curly afro there are times I want it tied up in a bun, combed down(heat free of course) A few days ago, I switched from the twists to a three- strand twist out (commonly referred to as 'matuta') to achieve this. Over the past few months I have noted an increase in my mane, to a point that even an afro takes a lot of work to put together evenly.
 And in the spirit of trying new things, I had this hairdo for two days. This hairdo looks amazing with the 90s retro or the vintage style of the 70s and before.



Then i re-did the hair to achieve my daily 'fro 
As of earlier today
 (To achieve a similar afro for transitioning and natural hair, see this link:

Which style do you prefer? Do let me know 

If you have any questions on or about my hair send me an email here
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Miss Vavavum

Monday, 9 September 2013

At Rift Valley Festival 2013

I was over in the cradle of mankind, Naivasha town in Rift Valley province this past weekend, for work on the three day festival. Generally I had a great time, given my love for travelling to new places. The ambiance was amazing, quite artistic and inspiration filled! So many colors around the place. Check the festival details here : Rift Valley Festival
On arrival, got my lover Chamyet ready!

Location set-up a day before the festival...

Next to Lake Naivasha
The Second Stage
Food area

Given that I was working, I managed to catch a few performances starting with THE JUST A BAND

I call this the 'just a band- effect'
My daily Bantu knot out could not last me through the hectic weekend, I opted for a salon-done straw set to maintain the curly 'fro throughout the festival.
Hard at work...
Armature photo-edit attempts...
This particular tree was known as the'Love tree' people would leave love messages or otherwise for their loved ones especially

My messages ;)

My sole company while I worked through the night...

There was a massive turn out!!

Meanwhile at the bar...

Managed to catch this amazing band, Mokoomba from Zimbabwe, I fell in love with their well choreographed movements coupled up with great vocals.
 On the final day,Blankets&Wine

The next day,a  few hours before leaving for Nairobi

Kalenjin traditional dance...

What's a stay near the Lake without a boat ride?

 Redbull, my secret to constant energy throughout the festival. The leather bag actually belongs to my father, he used to carry his Minolta Camera some 25years ago...
The result of a good weekend out of town and a boat ride: peace, tranquility and love :)

Miss Vavavum