Monday, 30 December 2013


Maya Angelou once said ‘there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’ a statement that I can more than relate to…Well it has been well over a month since I last wrote, No amount of excuses or stories or my so called ‘busy life’ can revert this.
But I do have several great reasons for my  absence,  I graduated from The University of Nairobi some 20 days ago. Still relishing at my achievements so excuse me :D
Being a big and extremely important day of my life, I opted for an A- line two-tone dress that I thought suitable for all the days activities(and I'm sure I'll be proud of my chosen dress some 50 years from now, not forgetting the millions photos taken on such a day. My advice: y'all better select your outfits carefully!)

I opted to maintain my natural hair, I love my mane wild and curly.

As for the most recent holiday, Christmas, the fambam and I , being  lovers of great adventures, drove up to Rolf's Place one of Kenya’s hidden treasures. If you are one of those road trip enthusiasts like myself(i.e pot holes and dust do not deter you and you have an afternoon to spare) this is definitely a place to visit.

I absolutely loved the setting of the restaurant , we had to cross the bridge over the gorge to get to the restaurant itself. Such a thrill I must say!

Being a nature appreciator,It's always refreshing to be in and around nature,

Some of the food

At the start of the week, I was undecided, whether to go the glam way or edgy casual, I chose glam x comfort, the area is pretty windy and rocky (I’d advice to wear flat shoes and pants/shorts)

Happy new year!!

Hope you are having yourselves a jolly time!

Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Because Art Is Life

Have you ever stopped and wondered how the world would be without creative people? As I have mentioned a million times before I am sucker for art; I love It, color, drawings, sculptures, paintings, I just can't get enough!  And If I could, I would very much be satisfied to be an art piece but then again, for arguments sake, I am already God's living, breathing masterpiece (just saying, just saying...)
 A few weeks back, I had the amazing chance to work with some creative and brilliant minds. This dress is made of canvas. I was instantly attracted to it, the colors on it against the canvas, well and perhaps the fact that it's A-line. Perfect for a red carpet If you ask me.

It's through artistic and creative beings, we have a glimpse of heaven
Six inch red bottom heels give me life!!

Art by/Designer Nur Jeffah

Photography by Quaint Photography

Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Miss Vavavum Wild Mane Explained(Curly Afro Tutorial with Pics)

Natural hair: a lot has been said , it's been labelled a movement even a cult but really, beneath all the social media groups, secret terms, the so called revolution, is women embracing their true selves, their God-given curly hair, strong and wild like an untamed forest
I turned natural a year ago, as I have mentioned before, I have a loathing for the plain and ordinary. The same applies to my hair, I have always and still hate, plain-jane hairstyles. Before I loved haircuts, an edgy to outright outrageous weave. See my Hair Story
The journey if you can call it that, has been quite interesting, my hair has grown immensely and I dare I say, It is even stress-free to take care of! It is me, just the way the creator made me, all chocolate and a black head full curly mane! :)

Here is a quick how-to
  • A packet of rubber bands(retail at ksh 45 in Kenya)
  • Hair shampoo (I use an olive oil based shampoo;ksh. 350)
  • Hair conditioner(treatment)(I use Motions Protein Reconstructor ;ksh.350)
  • Hair oil(I use indian hemp:Ksh 350 or coconut hair oil;Ksh 109)
  • silk head scarf

Wash hair with preferred shampoo, next apply conditioner or treatment if you like, leave it on for about 15-50 minutes depending on your preference. When you have the hair treatment on, comb with a wide-tooth comb to enable the conditioner penetrate each hair strand. Afterwards, wash out the hair treatment.

  • Leave hair to dry a bit, section the hair when It is damp as opposed to dripping wet( twisting the hair at this point, will not produce the desired results especially if you have an early morning, the hair won't dry well overnight.
  • Apply preferred solid hair oil on finger tips, then apply it as you make two strand twists 

  1. Ensure that it is not too tight as this may cause hair breakage, twist the hair from the root to the ends.
  2. Next, use small rubber bands to form little buns or knots these are known as the Bantu-knots
  3. And the final results, sectioned Bantu-knots, at this point, lightly oil your scalp then cover your hair with a satin scarf and go to bed. A minimum of 4 hours should do.
  4. On waking up, I undo each knot clockwise as I would undo a screw
  5. Once I have undone each knot, I separate each knot into twos or threes with my fingers as opposed to using a comb. This is so as to achieve a more curls
Below is a hangout I did on my Google+ about how I undo the knots

The result, leaving you looking and feeling confident!

I wash my hair 3 to four times a week. However this can prove tedious for some of you. The knot-outs last for a week sometimes just day especially for most people. In such a case, wet the hair (you can use a spray water bottle that retails for Ksh.50-100 in Nairobi) then apply the steps outlined above.
Do send me an email If you have any more queries.
Or alternatively add me on G+ we can hangout (a live video chat) and clarify your queries.
Miss Vavavum

Friday, 8 November 2013

Fun Times

The monthly Blankets & Wine went down this past weekend at the Carnivore grounds, bringing together a mix of great colorful fashion, people from different culture, great music and fun times! 
Like I have mentioned before I 've just started getting into and learning photography, here are some of the images.

KIU on stage...

The friends...

Myself in denim x monochrome x sneakers

Miss Vavavum

Monday, 28 October 2013

Gone With The Wind

I have been studying a lot of photography lately, there is literally a thousand stories you can tell from a single photograph.What say you?
I'll let you indulge...

Crop top & skirt : Adamz Market, Sandal heels: Mr.Price, Jewelry: Maasai Market

Photos: Quaint Photography
Miss Vavavum

Monday, 21 October 2013


It is amazing how easy it is to lose track of time so easily, hours turn into days, days into weeks soon enough weeks to months… time really does fly!
In my absence I have been quite the busy body, event planning here, indulging in my marvelously great book, catching up with old friends, but mostly event planning.
Blankets &Wine the monthly music festival (held very first Sunday of the month) held a tribute concert in memory of the Westgate victims.

The friends and I 

My friend Shitawa  and I during the Candle light session

Muthoni the Drummer Queen, C.E.O, Founder of Blankets & Wine and musician , a true game changer(I mean look at the Blankets&Wine Experience) held a champagne breakfast to unveil her new album project: 
The second album, titled MDQ which is an embodiment of all her personalities as a female, musician and entrepreneur. The album essentially traces 10 lessons that Muthoni has learnt in the last four years since her last album "The Human Condition" lessons which have enabled her to get to the point she is at. In MDQ, Muthoni shares with the world the BIG idea that success is possible and achievable, on your own terms, no matter where you start.
Guests at breakfast...

Part of the team behind it :)
 The song, as the unveiling of the event(Champagne Breakfast at 6a.m?!) shall be released in a special way, with each song being released every week as of this past Friday. This is, according the Drummer Queen, to allow for you to listen and understand each song. For those in Kenya, to get the first song released this past Friday, download here
For those not in Kenya, see here
Watch the music video here 

Follow MDQ on Twitter here @MuthoniDQ
Facebook : Muthoni The Drummer Queen
Her official website:

Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Strut Afrika Fashion Week Cocktail Preview

I was over at the Strut It Afrika Fashion Week preview cocktail this past weekend. In the words of the organizers themselves,

Strut It Afrika Fashion Week aims at highlighting our rich culture through celebrating African Heritage by bringing together FASHION, ART & DANCE.
Our goal is to create a Regional Fashion Week, an event that incorporates the region by promoting talent and bringing together the vast different cultures in one arena.

The event was well put together, It kicked off with a  photo session on the red carpet, followed by performances from dancers, acrobats

Towards the end, we were treated to a fashion show, a sneak peek of what to expect from the rest of the week...

Arthur of Lifestylespread looking dapper...

 As for myself, I settled for monochrome , 

For more on the next event details, see here Strut It Afrika Fashion Week Details

Miss Vavavum