Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just Like Mother :)

Hello loves!
I trust you all have been well.
Today’s outfit was inspired by my mother’s dressing. She loves to wear cropped pants. It was a very common trend in the 90s. You see people; my mother has always been the source of my fashion inspiration for the longest time! When I was young I always wanted to wear what she wore, from the high waist skirts, the ‘pams’ as they were commonly called.
I bought this pants sometime back, I thought they were rather would be more fitting but it is one of those pants that immediately you try on, you just fall in love. I think they are really cool. I do some sort of internship (but only better hehe) at a local media house and I wanted to pull of the fashionably chic look.
I have been into the vintage look for a while now. It reminds me so much of my mother, who btw is THE classiest lady I have met(at this rate I may go on and on about my mother, too much love I tell you!)
Moving on swiftly…here is the full look…

A closer look at the pants…

I added the belt to kill the plainness of the outfit
The pretty little shoes(I walk a lot! Running from one corner of town to the other and flats are uber essential)

The has the lace like detail…

Oohh my FAVORITE…the has this magical ability to liven up an outfit

AND finally...

Have a marvelous week!
Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 23 August 2012

THE dress!!

The sun has been out lately and I have been maximizing(quite literally hehe) to it!

Now this dress right here….

1st the color

The fit a statement on its own
With a nice statement jewelry you have a simple yet elegant look

Like I said, I am a sucker for statements and this dress just does it

have a great week!
Miss Vavavum


Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I went to the giraffe centre with a friend of mine today. The sun was all out with a bang! Just how I like it J and today’s outfit owing to the days sunshine…
princess moments hehe

the sunglasses, the earrings with the beaded detail...

How cool is it that they spelt this word with giraffes??!!

I loved this giraffe, her name is Helen I think she has lovely eyes, like natural eye-liner


I wanted to take a photo with the Mr. tortoise but he was camera shy L

Admiring the nature…

the Maasai sculptures blending with the crowd lol

We passed by the market to buy some jewelry, check out the neck piece, I am proud of my roots!

And then the Maasai sculptures

The little Maasai men..(dolls, I kid hehe)

And finally our ride, today was my very first time ever on a motor bike!!and that ride was epic! highlight of my day!

have an epic week!

Miss Vavavum


Monday, 20 August 2012


Hello lovies!!

I trust you all have been well, I finished my exams at long last!

Today I was up and about town, with a friend, initially we were to go to the giraffe centre  but we got derailed elsewhere.
We ended up going to an Ethiopian restaurant in the neighbourhood
I settled for this denim on denim as we were to go up and down and comfort is key!!

The scarf was for extra warmth, I am suffering a cold L

the great thinker hehe

a closer look at the shoes…

Went minimal on jewelery, just felt like keeping it light. This another one of my simple chilled looks

Have a fabulous week!!

Miss Vavavum


Sunday, 12 August 2012


The turban has been around for quite some time now,  never really pulled it off before, I love my haircut too much! Am not a big fan of hats either well unless I am rocking braids…There was unexpected rain sometime last week, one of those days,all sunny in the A.M and you’re all dressed up in a sundress then in the evening, the rain just decides to pour!!that one day when you decide to leave your umbrella home!! Well my good people, I was rained on to the bone!!my hair looked like something else!!

So to maintain my oh-so-amazing hair, I had to go to the salon and have my barber restore my hair’s dignity!! Thou shalt not walk out of the house with bad hair!!

Hence the turban to cover up!fabulousity is key at all times!
I am absolutely in love the color mix on It…

Fooling around…

The sunglasses + turban + earrings, adding a vintage feel to the look

And finally the whole look…

Have a great week!

Miss Vavavum


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


 I started my exams yesterday, I’ve been hella busy with books(ok am lying,I’ve just had one exam and it feels like I did 50 of them!) and running errands here and there, a girl gotta make money!! hehe

Today was one of those days, not too exciting, I would have very much rather stayed in bed, I‘m still feeling drained from yesterday’s exam.
I was feeling denim today, and with the denim on denim still trending, I decided to match the two and voila!

I tend to pair this denim shirt with darker denims, this was a first. I added the chain to add an oomf to the outfit... 
 Wore the pink to brighten the outfit a bit, to break the uniform feel of the outfit…didn’t want to look like a farmer (you get my drift)

These pants are actually my chill-in-the-house-pants, I rarely wear them out, I feel that they are those pants that need a certain top or a certain neck piece, I never quite feel it…(don’t  get me wrong, I  still LOVE them!)

and this is just one of my simple looks.
 great week ahead!
Miss Vavavum

Monday, 6 August 2012


My friends and I attended the BOGOF over the weekend. Being a photography, arts and music enthusiasts, it was definitely my kind of event!
 I being a fabulousity addict, love to stand out,and loving color, I wore this printed blue tulip skirt , a pastel pink coat, it was rather cold...

I am obsessed with this lipstick as I continue to discover what lipstick colours suit my lips and skin tone. Once again a statement neckpiece

And my lovely friends…
the two Fionas...

Miss Cate and Fiona,looking lovely

Here are some of the drawings done on the spot by some of the artists in attendance, with some even being done in just 10 minutes!! I cant even draw those man sticks smh

Enjoy your week!!

Miss Vavavum

Saturday, 4 August 2012


SO yesternight, a very close friend and bosom buddy was having a belated dinner party. We normally have this thing, my friends and I where we have a birthday dinner just us girls then party later on with more people. These friends of mine, each one with their own unique style, came out looking vavavum fabulous! Here are the pics… enjoy..

the beautiful Julie,I love her whole look, extremely cute!

Check out the coat and the lovely neck piece, the belt...lady got style!!

The shoes...

The lovely Sharon…everything was just perfect,elegance at it's best!

I loved her peplum dress,
Especially the lace detail on the back, together with the pearl necklace

miss model,Sheila,I love the lime green dress, paired with the brown belt, and beige trench..simply fabulous!

a closer look at the trench details...

I covet her shoes!!

and finally,THE birthday girl miss Barbara,looking exquisite!…
the coat, the dress, her make up,her neckpiece,her shoes!she had it going fabulously!

Yours  truly, being a dinner event I wanted to keep it classy yet sexy…
me and Malcolm x(lol)

THE legendary Bob Marley (am still a fan)

It was a fabulous night, good food, party and music.
Have a fabulous weekend
Miss Vavavum