Monday, 25 March 2013

Top 'vavavum' box braid styles

Box braids are a form of protective hairstyling, it helps the hair grow and gives one a break from the everyday open hair. If you have a lot of hair like myself, it can be a bit challenging to come up with creative ways to style the braids. Below are a few examples of ideas on how to style them.
First there is the ordinary up-do, all you need is a scrunchy, big enough to hold all your braids.
  •  Hold all your hair where you wish to have the bun
  • Ensure that all the braids are intact and properly arranged
  • Form a ponytail then twist the hair firmly around the scrunchy and this will be the end result... 
Alternatively, you can part some of your hair on the front, and twist it to the side. Lower the up-do to the center of your head or do it like mine. This is perfect for the office lady :)
 You can also opt to twist the parted hair to the side and tuck it back into the bun, to have this...

this hairdo is perfect for vintage style outfits, the front and side view...
 When the braids are freshly done, It is rather difficult to style them. However I discovered the below hairstyle is not that bad. First you need an elastic hairband, 
  • Part front hair to the side.
  •  Then twist it anticlockwise(or clockwise)
  •  Hold it the twisted braids firmly with your hand.
  • Part some hair from the other side(the free side) fasten them  together with the band.
  •  If it is not too painful,braid them together and form a little bun as shown.
A 'sister' to this hairdo is this one below, Greek inspired. 
  • First part hair at the middle,
  • Twist it to the respective sides and fasten it together into a tiny bun at the back as above.This looks great on people with round faces.
And now...*drumrolls* onto Le Hairstyle of the year. This is by far my favorite hairdo, Its funky just how I like it! For this, all you need are at least 3 hair pins.
  •  First bend so that all your hair falls
  • Select some hair from both sides of your head
  •  Criss-cross them at the centre
  •  Do the same with the next batch of hair on the sides of your head. However  ensure to firmly hold the criss-crossed hair together, to avoid it being loose.
  • Continue criss-crossing until the tip of the head. At this point you can braid it all together into one.
When the braid is complete, you can either pin it back, for a Janelle Monae hairdo.
OR you can pin it to the side like I do.
To achieve this!

 Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Of Colorful friends and Pizza

I cannot stress enough how i am a huge pizza fanatic! A few days ago i met up with the usual suspects for a quick lunch in between classes (the things we do for love?!)
The oh-so-glorious pizza :)(after some of it was massacred)

Annette's mix of earth colors and beaded accessories, the turban, the coat detail
full look...

check out Julie's color mix, the nails , her DIY bracelet, the mix of pearls and gold was very eye catching. Look at her thick mane?!

her full looks ...

yours truly exercising her diva rights on the staircase (vanity  :D)

This was my attempt at monochromatic look(ish) a blue floral top, blue skinny pants.A closer look at the top,braidstyle, my triangular shaped earrings, and my books :D
 Miss Vavavum

Monday, 11 March 2013


First and foremost, WE HAVE A NEW PRESIDENT! and congratulations are in order to my fellow Kenyans for maintaining peace during the election period :)
Now on to the business post of the day...
It is said that hair is the woman's glory... I think i am one person who takes that statement a bit too seriously! I love my hair! regardless of whatever I do to It. It is one of the most important assets of myself. I think hairstyle,just like one's fashion style speaks volumes about a person. I have experimented a lot with hair all in the name of being adventurous.(more like my loathing for the ordinary)
In 2008/2009 I was just finishing high school, my hairstyle consisted mainly of twist braids and my own hair, worn long or just pony tails...

Early 2010 one day i just decided to put the Mohawk which was the craze back then.(I have no recollection as to what led me to this decision)

(BTW i have no affiliation with rock, then or now)
I did various Mohawk styles then i colored my hair red-maroon and eventually  did the big chop some time around July 2010, 

I kept the short hair until December of the same year, it became more of a fringe...(my little brother and I)

sometime in May 2011, I decided to do a short fringe weave, this was my first ever full head weave and i loved it!(forgive the poses, these were in back then) I loved the whole Cleopatra feel about it. This was one hairstyle i enjoyed matching outfits for.

In July 2011 to the end of the year, I reverted back to my short hair, a bowl hair cut this time. The color had changed on its own from red to this (again this pose was uber cool those days)

To give my hair a break, I opted for box braids which were a hit at the time...

In January 2012 i reverted back to my bob cut, my hair was still freshly red...

Later in the same year, I changed my hair cut, my front hair was thinning and fast, i opted a cut that flatters my hair more. This was sometime in July last year, It was Bruno Mars inspired...

Towards the end of last year, I opted for box braids, my hair grows really fast, it became frustrating to constantly visit the barber almost every weekend!  I now want to grow my hair, I want to have dreadlocks, It has been my ideal hairstyle ever since i first saw them. I love that It so African and not too common either. And lets not forget my favorite comfort and scape goat on bad hair days, the turbans.
I am currently in my transitioning phase(from permed hair to natural hair) , trying various hairstyle(ok just one) I will stick to protective styling like braiding and occasionally wear my natural hair. I get my hairstyle tips and inspiration from my very close friend of Beautiful African Woman Here are some of the pics, more of them on my Instagram
these are the Bantu knot out. I am also trying the minimalist make up this time :)

and as of yesterday, i  kept the bantu knots for 2 days given the whole election period, i was barely leaving the house.
Miss Vavavum