Friday, 10 October 2014


You’ve probably seen me around with this neck piece, that I wear literally everywhere! Save for official meetings. I started wearing this at the F.A.F.A back in May, I needed to  add that ‘vavavum’ to my outfit so I purchased this piece first thing that morning.

Slowly It wore on, In the spirit of getting creative with my outfits, I pair this Maasai piece with my basics to create that ’vavavum’ and also, I don’t need to shop that often I now have a hundred other ways to pair my outfits ;)
The basic white shirt and denim pants worn with a pair of strapped pumps

This was originally inspired by a certain South African style blog that I peruse (read stalk) every now and then. It’s funny this thing of humanity, we almost never want to appreciate our own… this piece is a gem elsewhere yet here it’s just that pretty thing won by the Nilotic community.
There has been a lot of debate about what African fashion is about especially at the recently concluded Storymoja Festival. This is somewhat my own little way of owning my culture an wearing it proud J

I appreciate the aesthetic, the colors (I have thing for bright colors) and the fact that it elevates even my blandest of outfits to a style item!

And it goes equally well with bright colored outfits, I used it here to break the monotony of the bright colors
How do you wear your maasai piece? Tag me on instagram/ twitter with #VavavumMaasai
I'd love to see how you style your pieces! Let me know on Twitter/Instagram with the tag #VavavumMaasai or #OwnYourCulture

Miss Vavavum