Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Miss Vavavum & Friends at Nairobi Fashion Week Day 2

As you may or may not have seen in previous posts, I hang out with the most stylish lot of friends on this side of the world :D Outfit posts about or on them need space of their own!
My friends were able to make It for the 2nd day of Nairobi Fashion Week, Check out each of their individual styles...
Sheila in a lace peplum ensemble,

I love the stud detail on her red t-strap heels, clearly you can never go wrong with black!

Nyachomba kicking it in grunge...

Designers Claire and Sam

The diva herself...

Loved the arm details and the bow...

And finally myself, Initially I had absolutely no idea what i'd wear (as always) I had been frantically brainstorming with my designer friend how and what to wear/ make (fashionista problems) anyway I figured, I ought to work with what I have, had this dress for a while now, I was actually saving It or an all white event. A combination of a solid colored dress and bright colored shoes is always a safe one!

Miss Vavavum

Nairobi Fashion Week Day 2

The first up on the runway was ZAMBARAU a house of jewelry

Some of my best pieces on the runway...

Head designer Maria Ndegwa

Next was Vaishali

Head designer
I would definitely wear the outfit on the right!

The designer herself, who has been in the industry for just 6months?!

And from Nigeria Hadenkay ...

Head designer...

There isn't much to report for this particular day, I still feel the designers were rather 'safe' with their creations. Nonetheless, the outfits showcased were very wearable, I sighted a couple of dresses from the designers.

Miss Vavavum

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Snippet of Nairobi Fashion Week Day 1

I have, undoubtedly had one of the most fascinating weekends in my life(fashionably speaking) I attended the very first Nairobi Fashion Week (it feels do good to say that, 10years from today, i'll be like...) anyway back to the point...First bigups to the organizers for putting the whole event together. Being in the business of events, I know what all this entails. The location was  Hilton Hotel Nairobi. Some of the fashion bloggers in attendance, from left Joy of OURSTYLEKENYA, Shitawa of MALIKIRITIS and lovely friend.

(Above from left: Nyasani, Kyle of The Lifestyle Spread and friend)

Well the opening night on Friday, was good, full attendance et al. Being me, I assumed just like most Kenyan events, It would start late, I arrived at 9 p.m, to find the show on going. I caught just two designers, here is a bit from Naomi Designs, It was good to see something other than Prints on the runway...

Ann McCreath of Kiko Romeo, presenting Kikoti a brainchild of Kiko Romeo


This line also supports the Hands Off Our Elephants campaign.

As for myself, I went for a vintage style dress, see here photos c/o Fotogeric

Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Introducing... Miss Vavavum Hair Diary

Check out this introductory home video with my good friend Sheila and myself as we share tips on hair maintenance . Feel free to ask any questions on or about our different hair types.

Miss Vavavum

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


This week is set to be one of the most memorable weeks to happen in Kenya , we FINALLY will be having our very own Fashion week. For all those who have been following me on my Facebook or Twitter know how crazy obsessed I have been with this event ever since Its announcemnet months back. A must attend for all fashion lovers.
The event is scheduled for Friday 23rd August - Sunday 25th August at The Hilton Ballroom, Nairobi.
Ticket details are available here Get Tickets on Ticketsasa


On the same weekend, there shall also be the Kenyan Fashion Week, (how lucky can we get?!It's a fashion-fest!!) On Saturday 24th August at Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi. The event starts at 9a.m, with a myriad of activities planned through the day. 

 The Event has 3 Segments ;
1)Exhibition @ “The Source” from 9AM - Midnight.
 2) Main Runway Fashion Show from 6 – 10.30 PM
 3) Kenya Fashion Week After Party.


See you all there!

Miss Vavavum

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sneakers Invasion!


There is just something a pair of colorful sneakers. The last time I wore these i was still a teenager. They are comfy and seemingly timeless!

  A simple vest- dress + sneakers,

This is far from my ordinary go to outfits, I shy away from sneakers alot

Not forgetting my love for midi-skirts
 Some camera loving :')

Unruly hair don't care
Miss Vavavum

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Just Some Edited Pictures

True to the title, ain't nuthin' but some edited photos up in this b* :D
Still on my obsession with stripes and THE chain, high-waist(mom jeans) denim pants, one of those simple days...
At this point, I think It is safe to assume stripes are timeless pieces

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This weekend this is where i'll be 

Miss Vavavum