Friday, 27 September 2013

What is life If you cannot enjoy some good food?

We all have those moments, sitting at home after a long day but having an urge to eat out, not the dial- a –delivery fast-food, but that special favorite meal from that one restaurant that seems to get  it right all the time! That was the situation between my mother and I this past Friday night. So we were pretty lazy all tired from work, but in the mood for good food. We ended up just settling for the usual pizza for dinner. (Due to our extremely limited techie knowledge)

I recently came across Hellofood an online service that has your food from your area delivered directly to you?! Can life get any more convenient? And get this; they work with the best restaurants around! On the menu, they have listed restaurants, food and price, an even easier way to explore restaurants from the comfort of your home.
I have also been doing some food exploring myself, trying to find my ideal food style, this is in line with all the new and amazing restaurants springing up all over town. So the other day during our regular meet ups with my friends, I was introduced to this a Malindi Macchiato,
Now that I can have that delivered to my home or office, life’s great pleasures!
Visit the website
Download the app on your mobile phone/ tab or pad here: Hellofood App
Good food is just a click away!

Miss Vavavum

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