Sunday, 23 February 2014

Life Is Beautiful!

Are you as excited about life as I am?! To wake up each morning to a day/ night full of great and numerous opportunities! You got to love life right? To be able to be  alive and enjoy each moment as your heart pumps life through you and to all around you. It's truly amazing isn't it? With a new year, comes a new positive attitudes and circumstances, celebrate and have fun, each moment you're alive! In that spirit a little Chinese food indulgence has been the order of my weekends!

For the love of Nyama Choma(Swahili for Roast Meat)

We are just cool people, nothing less ;)
 Fat train alert!!

 And I am happy to announce the mane has grooowwwwnnn!! The mane now has  rules of it's own, curling at it's own pleasure. But there is nothing a few pins can't fix ;)

How do you like the new look  of the blog? Do let me know!
Have yourselves a powerful week!
Miss Vavavum

Monday, 17 February 2014

Art Loving

As I have said many times before,I am always amazed by artists, their way of thinking, their choice of color coordination and their perspective on life. It’s amazing how their mind works. I was over at the Shifteye Art Gallery for Sebawali Sio UNTITLED, Chapter 1 closing exhibition,

Her paintings

My favorite, the further you are, the clearer the thoughts

Myself seated next to one of her paintings...

Sometimes it’s just nice to pair up your basics with a colored coat and pumps, but for an art gallery event, an artistic outfit or a fancy dress will for an art gallery event.
With an equally stylish friend 

Miss Vavavum

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Around and About

Well you are allowed to hate me just a little for the disappearance, at least drop a hello comment for me J
but  with absence comes a great story right?
For those living in Nairobi, y’all are well aware of the biggest, bestset concert that went down earlier this month… Blankets&Wine 50th edition, 
It was quite something putting this event together especially during the festive season…

More of the event photos here Blankets&Wine50

After such great work a well deserved holiday was in place, the marvelous Indian ocean

Swahili Beach

by the beach at night 

I am still suffering from nostalgia of the amazing holiday, what have you been up to?
Although belated, happy new year!!
Miss Vavavum