Thursday, 26 June 2014

A New Perspective

I always believe that It's very important to try new things / ideas in whatever one does. Of course this only applies to activities within the sanity levels. I have mentioned over and over, my deep love for art, most of my greatest moments in writing,  involve collaborating with brilliant artists.In pursuit of adding some spunk to the creative directing,   I cooked this up :)

Try something  new this week!
Miss Vavavum

Friday, 20 June 2014

My City, My Town

It's said, life's day to day circumstances is always about perspective- how you see and decipher your surroundings. There may be a bad situation but what matters is your perspective- this shall pass or just suck in the bad and fret about it( being the optimist I am,I believe in the former) Standing at the KICC (around 28 floors up) helipad the other day, you get to see the beautiful city of Nairobi from a different perspective. The scenery, the traffic, the buildings, Uhuru park, it is simply breathtaking!

there is just something exhilarating about being hundreds of meters above the ground!

when we are down on the ground we constantly complain about traffic and so on , but standing on the rooftop, all you see are tiny little things standing in seamless fashion, 

 As I have mentioned time and time again to those close to me, I absolutely love and adore traditional Maasai jewelry!Just the other day it hit me how the Maasai women are such style queens! They are always adorned in their beautiful, colorful jewelry at all times!And for that reason, I intend to rock mine over and over!! ;)

have a happy weekend!

Miss Vavavum

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Be Inspired!

When life unexpectedly throws a season of waiting, do not be discouraged, keep your eye on the prize and have the greatest faith possible you'll pull through!

Creative Director: EK STYLE
In my hiatus and fashion surfing sprees online, I came across this site whereby you can ask fashion experts for what-to-wear tips!! How cool is that?! Check it out and let's have some fashion fun!

Be inspired to be the best today!

Miss Vavavum