Monday, 10 September 2012


I am a self confessed shoe addict; I just can’t do without a good pair of heels! I had set out to buy a good pair of shoes exactly a week ago, sadly I did not find any. I have this thing; I like to start my week with a bang! I am not the conventional Monday loather. I think that beginning the week with a lot of enthusiasm sets my week on.
I wanted to but one of these babies they have been on  my mind for a long time now. I crave to have them its insane! Shoes,stilettos and wedges to be exact appeal to me in the most amazing way!

On that day, I was going for a grunge look, turban plus a denim half coat and the butt-wing vest. Its super comfy, perfect for my busy day. The weather was hot and the vest is so airy and spacey; I hate tight clothes on a hot day!

 a closer look at the vest...

 fooling around 

I finally came across these babies a week later, luckiest day ever!! I was in search of nude colored heels or bootie wedges. I have extremely busy days and wedges are fabulous yet comfortable (I can run in them hehe)

 and also the don’t spoil that easily. I like to buy shoes that I actually will wear not something that will just look pretty in my closet.
How I’ll wear these wedges coming soon!
Have a fabulous week!
Miss Vavavum


Miss P said...

Love the post and the new shoes!!!

Miss vavavum said...

thank you sweetheart!

ladyZigizy said...

Mooooooooore shoes!!!

Miss vavavum said...

and more shoes there shall be :)