Friday, 14 September 2012

...of random days

I was having a rather random day, one of those days you wake up , pick an outfit like it and think…with just a nice pair of heels, I am reaaddyyy!! I have got to dress up a good one for this day!
I love Thursdays!!It’s my favorite day of the week, all kicking parties go down on Thursday! I ended up doing soo much, I met up with my cousin, had some ice cream and ended up going for a few drinks with friends.
I was itching to wear my new shoes, every time I opened my closet, it’s like they kept calling out to me!! I wore them with rugged grey pants, a slouchy yellow vest (I could not stop staring at my feet today, that super awesome excitement to rock new shoes!!)

There is so much history behind these pants, my lovely mother bought them some time back, they were actually a size too big; those pants that you hate on and actually do all sorts of massacre possible to. I ripped these pants myself, my first DIY attempt. The mom jeans high waist pants(the ugly high waist jeans old mothers are notorius for wearing) have been trending for a while now. Figured I could do something similar to these pants too.

i love the vest color and the button detail
i wore these earrings and my cool sunnies for accessories. i loved how the oufit looked on it's own, no need for too much accessories. the full look,complete with my red handbag...
This is the famous fountain of knowledge and you are not a student of the Univesity of Nairobi until you have taken a photo in front of it! Call me shady, but I have always wanted a pic here, perfect opportunity…
Then my friend.. looking lovely in her sheer blouse and shorts,
 I especially loved her shoes all the embellishments!!

Steph looking pretty in her ruffle top and denim shorts
i loved these lovely pink earrings,

Then my long time bff, Kerry in his tusker tshirt and bottle (cool right?!)I have been meaning to get one of these for a long time now!!

I  had a fab time!

Fab weekend y’all

Miss Vavavum


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