Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I have mentioned before how I am a HUGE rugby fan! It is one of the few sports that I would sit down and actually watch and not just for the mere fact of admiring the players (but they do have great bodies I must say!) The weather was quite shifty so I settled for these printed harem pants and a denim shirt and brogues. The rugby stands tend to get very cold and windy (for some reason that I have never understood).

 I love this pendant, I got it a while back, I love it so much I find myself wearing it every day! I did not wear much accessories, I like to keep it a little bit simpler when going for games. I thought the outfit a statement on its own.

A closer look at the printed harems…

The outfit was more like a balance; the pants are good for the heat due to its light material, and cold (well it’s a much better option as compared to a dress or shorts) the denim shirt, due to its thick material, is a bit warm as compared to a light tee (the reasons I compiled to avoid wearing a sweater hehe)

Some of the matches we watched...

One of my favorite teams…

As I was watching the game, some random kid came and sat next to me and talked to me like we’d been buddies all our life! When really it was his motive to ask me to buy him a mandazi! I even ended up taking this photo but I must hand it to the kid, he was quite clever for his age rather size (am not so good at estimating children’s ages)

My lovely friend, Sheila looking amazing as usual; rocking a girly-rugged look. I find her pants absolutely cool! alongside  the whole color-blocking going on!

F.Y.I my team won the match!

Have an amazing week,

Miss Vavavum



Jeanne:) said...

I actually enjoy your blog! Big up Josie:) Imagine on that day i met with Sheila (small world)....all the best:)
Ur back deskie, Jeanne!

Miss vavavum said...

yea small world!!and thank you so much! :)