Sunday, 12 August 2012


The turban has been around for quite some time now,  never really pulled it off before, I love my haircut too much! Am not a big fan of hats either well unless I am rocking braids…There was unexpected rain sometime last week, one of those days,all sunny in the A.M and you’re all dressed up in a sundress then in the evening, the rain just decides to pour!!that one day when you decide to leave your umbrella home!! Well my good people, I was rained on to the bone!!my hair looked like something else!!

So to maintain my oh-so-amazing hair, I had to go to the salon and have my barber restore my hair’s dignity!! Thou shalt not walk out of the house with bad hair!!

Hence the turban to cover up!fabulousity is key at all times!
I am absolutely in love the color mix on It…

Fooling around…

The sunglasses + turban + earrings, adding a vintage feel to the look

And finally the whole look…

Have a great week!

Miss Vavavum


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