Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just Like Mother :)

Hello loves!
I trust you all have been well.
Today’s outfit was inspired by my mother’s dressing. She loves to wear cropped pants. It was a very common trend in the 90s. You see people; my mother has always been the source of my fashion inspiration for the longest time! When I was young I always wanted to wear what she wore, from the high waist skirts, the ‘pams’ as they were commonly called.
I bought this pants sometime back, I thought they were rather would be more fitting but it is one of those pants that immediately you try on, you just fall in love. I think they are really cool. I do some sort of internship (but only better hehe) at a local media house and I wanted to pull of the fashionably chic look.
I have been into the vintage look for a while now. It reminds me so much of my mother, who btw is THE classiest lady I have met(at this rate I may go on and on about my mother, too much love I tell you!)
Moving on swiftly…here is the full look…

A closer look at the pants…

I added the belt to kill the plainness of the outfit
The pretty little shoes(I walk a lot! Running from one corner of town to the other and flats are uber essential)

The has the lace like detail…

Oohh my FAVORITE…the has this magical ability to liven up an outfit

AND finally...

Have a marvelous week!
Miss Vavavum

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