Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I went to the giraffe centre with a friend of mine today. The sun was all out with a bang! Just how I like it J and today’s outfit owing to the days sunshine…
princess moments hehe

the sunglasses, the earrings with the beaded detail...

How cool is it that they spelt this word with giraffes??!!

I loved this giraffe, her name is Helen I think she has lovely eyes, like natural eye-liner


I wanted to take a photo with the Mr. tortoise but he was camera shy L

Admiring the nature…

the Maasai sculptures blending with the crowd lol

We passed by the market to buy some jewelry, check out the neck piece, I am proud of my roots!

And then the Maasai sculptures

The little Maasai men..(dolls, I kid hehe)

And finally our ride, today was my very first time ever on a motor bike!!and that ride was epic! highlight of my day!

have an epic week!

Miss Vavavum


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