Wednesday, 11 July 2012


welcome to my VAVAVUM lifestyle!I am a fashion, arts, photography and music enthusiast. This is my blog and I wish to share all my dreams, aspirations, my achievements and most of all my day to day style and escapades! I love to travel, read classical and African books(no bias really I just find my African roots uber fascinating! hehe) and of course fashion magazines! I am also a lover of the outdoors(watching rugby and picnics) stay at home isn’t really my thing…I believe in living each moment to the fullest, my role model is my mother, the woman is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I am truly blessed to have her in my life. My fashion is inspired by a lot from international fashion blogs to just ordinary people in the street. I believe my style is inborn and  this is my journey to being one of the most rather the BEST fashion journalists in the world. Am here by public demand and both by personal fulfillment. Vavavum is a word ,mostly used to describe something that is out of this world, amazing beyond words, it has that wow effect on people!! it describes my dressing rather style. I love statement pieces, be it jewellery, shoes, a coat,I feel it adds an ‘oomf’ to an outfit hence the word vavavum. Not to worry I have my simple dress down days too lol .i am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism, I hope to one day host a fashion program. I am pretty young and happy about it too! I believe I have achieved or rather done a lot despite my very young age!

Here is a summary in pictures of how my life is,what I do etc

Yours truly

Miss Vavavum


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