Sunday, 22 July 2012



I trust you all are well!

I had a pretty chilled weekend, just went to the theatre yesterday, met up some friends, no partying this weekend, the economy isn’t exactly good on my side(bummer!)

ANYWAY..the weather was fairly good today, woke up to the rays of the sun seeping through my bedroom window…(yes I paid attention during my English class)

Moving on swiftly…

I consider Sundays a pretty chilled out day, sometimes I spend most of it nursing hangovers, BUT today  I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy(damn! am on a roll) I went to church with the family, it’s our Sunday tradition.
For church Sundays, I like to keep it decent but fabulous, I am a self confessed addict of  fabulousity!! I also dress according to the weather, you can never find me on ‘freeze and shine mode’ I love to look good no matter the weather!
 I chose to wear this high-waist sheer skirt, another one of my best buys, I paired it with a denim shirt, and brown strapped wedges and with a black quilted purse

check out the detail on the skirt band

 I completed the outfit with these earrings ,i love the details and  the falling chains, the pendant was a gift from my lovely mother.   

A closer look  brown strapped wedges

and voila! A nice 'vavavum' look  for church J

Have a lovely week
yours truly,


Mik said...

love the high waisted skirt. You look good


Miss vavavum said...

thank you :)