Monday, 16 July 2012


Birthdays… a time to celebrate, a time to gauge how far you have come or how much you have achieved , and everyone’s favorite; the presents, the party, the company of those you love, finally become legal hehe and so on… enough of the seriousness sooo I had my birthday this past Saturday, turned a year older and celebrated all the blessings and the far that I have come. All my family and friends know how obsessive and insistent I have been about my birthday. You really can’t blame a girl for trying hehe, for me birthdays are really important days, it is the day you came into the world and began your life to awesomeness(that’s how I see it) it is when you look at all your achievements, appreciate your blessings, set new targets, and so on(and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the presents) It is truly a precious day for me! Anyway, I had a small dinner party at an Egyptian restaurant, explains the headgear…

Being a lover of color  I chose this outfit; once again vavavum!! I love the contrast, the coat…. And the dress is glow in the dark, I was the light of the club(literally) and the shoes! Being my special day, I felt it right to be the light in this case, the color of the party hehe

i minimised on the jewellery, i felt my outfit was loud enough,don't mind the poses

I feel so brand new! Looking forward to more great years ahead!

Have a blessed q  week

Yours truly

Miss vavavum



Janet Wanjiru said...

Nice,but take more pics :)

Janet Wanjiru said...

Oh yes now i remember the shoes :D

Miss vavavum said...

next post there will be :)