Saturday, 21 July 2012


It’s been a lovely Saturday, the weather was good, met up with some good friends, one of those feel good days J
I wore this cute little dress, bought it some time back but haven’t really got to wear it much. I woke up feeling girly at the same time, I wanted to rock this denim jacket, it’s a recent buy, can’t get enough of it either!!i was going to the theatre today, wanted to keep it girly with a twist.

notice the cool sunnies, i love these! and the earrings to add some colour to it.The best part is the dress has a lovely beaded detail around the neckline.

went for the red lipstick to add some ‘pow’ to the outfit, red lipstick tends to have this vavavum effect on even the plainest outfit!

I loved the denim jacket, it has been insanely cold and windy(damn the PMS weather smh) and since I was going to be up and about, I settled for these pink flats J I was feeling all girly and sweet J

I wore the small sling bag, had a studio class early in the A.M this bag is enough for the necessities (ladies you know what I mean hehe ) on most Saturdays, I  like to carry compact bags that have just what I need and go with just about any outfit.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss vavavum


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