Friday, 20 July 2012


Hello lovies!!

I trust you all are well, its FRIIIDDAAAYY!! One of my favorite days of the week J the weather today was pretty good, finally a break from the icy cold we’ve been experiencing lately :-/ today’s outfit is one of my favorites, those clothes that yo could even sleep in hehe I had some work thing to do and being casual Friday, there really is no much pressure to keep it all official.Currently I am so majorly obsessed with sheer and chiffon blouses I just can’t get enough! i love these jeans they fit right and are so perfect!

And PLEASE do not mind the poses!

notice THE shoes

i love the blouse,it soo shiny button-ny(due to lack of better words)

and my coat,it was abit cold in the morning,perfect yet stylish for the weather

and credits to the awesome photographer and good friend

have a lovely weekend

miss vavavum



Janet Wanjiru said...

Details on the lipstick will be appreciated :)

Miss vavavum said...

get me on twitter i'll tell you :) the best thing ever!