Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Venus For You II


Trying new products always requires a specific time period before seeing tangible results. For nearly two weeks now, I have been using the new range Venus for you products. I still can’t get over the yummy scent-I live for yummy scented everything!
So far my hair has fallen in love with the Olive Oil dual hair treatment, especially when I opt to wear the treatment as a leave in. I mean I love you Argan oil treatment and all but we’re just not working out! It’s not you, it’s me :D I do intend to keep using the Argan hair food  and treatment for my type of hair but I prefer washing it out. However the Moroccan Argan oil offers exceptional moisture to the hair. Knowing my type of hair this is a product that will always come in handy. Don’t you just love having options?! With the dual fusion you can choose whether to rinse out the product or let it stay on- if that’s not convenience I don’t know what is!
The dual fusion gives us naturalistas time and choice and becomes even more efficient in planning for washdays. When the sun visits Nairobi again or for that coveted out of town trip, these dual fusion treatments are a total life saver- you can either have it stay on or rinse it out.
In the hamper, I also got myself shampoo which by the way, lathers really well with my 4c hair and on first application! I had other members of my house try it too and it works! As a 4c hair chic(see what I did there) it usually takes up to 3 applications for the shampoo to lather, which more often than not means a lot of product goes to waste. Well problem solved with the Venus hair shampoo!
Also among this new range products, is the Manuka honey and Tea tree dual hair treatment. This product contains moisturizing and scalp healing properties that promises to leave your hair nourished and your scalp dandruff free.In addition to that, there is also the Carrot & egg dual fusion treatment which is infused with Vitamin A,E & B12 that promises excellent hair health.

Given the great success with these products, I am convinced and ready to try the rest of the products.
Curious to try out these yummy products? Visit their Facebook page here Venus For You Facebook

Miss Vavavum

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