Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Maasai Mara

Happy new year!!! Are y'all feeeling the excitement of the new year? 2014 was superb year for me! Took all of the biggest risks of my life in a span of 6 months! And through determined faith, every single thing worked out in large volumes :) My dear readers, there is IMMENSE power in going after what you want, working hard at It and believing!
 Having found a new and heightened appreciation for fabulous traditional pieces, it was only right to end the year at the Maasai Mara - the land of rich culture. It was absolutely  breathtaking going back there as an adult, with renewed awe for the rich culture that exists there as well as the magnificent scenery, the naturally beautiful wildlife, the tranquility, even the sky seemed more blue-er! It was simply magnificent! We drove from corner to corner of the Mara, I could even see over to Tanzania! We toured towns around the Mara, It was magnificent! I really enjoyed my travels last year
Here's a snippet of some of the images.
A hyena lying in a puddle of water cooling off
Mr. Ndovu

Bwana Twiga
Beautiful sunrise in the morning,we had such a perfect view of the escarpment,

Cheers 2014, you were real good to me!

We stayed over at The Mara Sun Lodge(Seasons)
sidenote: It's highly advisable to drive here with 4WD vehicle, especially in the rainy season.
I will definitely going back there in the near future, that was a marvelous way to close the beautiful year that was 2014!

I look forward to even greater achievements this year, life is what you make of It and I am making mine FABULOUS and SUCCESSFUL!

Have a prosperous 2015! Success is ours for the taking!

Miss Vavavum

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Jemimah Mutisya said...

Hey Miss Vavavum!! Just wondering,how were the accommodation rates per night?