Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Three strand Knot Out

Funny how we always discover ulterior methods for something we are so used to , necessity is the mother of invention right? So as I mentioned in a post earlier, I have been doing the three strand knots (in Kenya that’s matuta) lately, I use the same procedure as the bantu knot outs. The results are highly dependent on trial and error. With this style, It takes patience and close monitoring of your hair.
The difference here is that you plait 3 strands as compared to the bantu-knots that are two-strand and I also do not use rubber bands to hold my hair.

  • Hair shampoo (I use an olive oil based shampoo from Organics;ksh. 350)
  • Hair conditioner(treatment)(I use Miadi Protein Reconstructor ;ksh.350)
  • Hair oil(I use indian hemp:Ksh 350 or coconut hair oil;Ksh 109)
  • silk head scarf

Wash hair with preferred shampoo, next apply conditioner or treatment if you like, leave it on for about 15-50 minutes depending on your preference. When you have the hair treatment on, comb with a wide-tooth comb to enable the conditioner penetrate each hair strand. Afterwards, wash out the hair treatment.

  • Leave hair to dry a bit, section the hair when It is damp as opposed to dripping wet( twisting the hair at this point, will not produce the desired results especially if you have an early morning, the hair won't dry well overnight.
  • Apply preferred solid hair oil on finger tips, then apply it as you make three strand twists 

  1. Ensure that it is not too tight as this may cause hair breakage, plait the hair from the root to the ends.
  2. Next, coil the plaited hair into tiny buns. My hair is rather tough, when i coil it it remains coiled, however you could use rubber bands to hold them.
  3. And the final results, sectioned three strand knots, at this point, lightly oil your scalp then cover your hair with a satin scarf and go to bed. A minimum of 4 hours should do.
  4. On waking up, I undo each knot slowly with my fingers, i do not use pins or combs 
  5. Once I have undone each knot, I separate each knot into twos or threes with my fingers as opposed to using a comb. This is so as to achieve a more curls
The next morning or at least after 4 hours , undo the twists in the opposite direction. To achieve defined curls, do no, at any point use a comb. Use your fingers to comb the curls at each knot.

The success of the three strand knots (matutas) depends on trial and error. This works best with longer hair. The final results however are similar to the bantu-knot out

What do you think? Do let me know here 
Miss Vavavum


Rebecca said...

I Love how your hairs turned out.
i tried the same but my hair wont just hold the curls....

Annah Kalahi said...

im growing my hair will def try this one... not any time soon tho.. lol

Nicole M said...

You hair is really good. love the fullness. can that work with permed hair

Miss Vavavum said...

@nicole Done this way it may not work. However to have similar results,have sth called a 'straw set' done at the salon. A straw set is whereby they use tiny rollers or straws to set curls on your hair. The results are quit similar to this.

Miss Vavavum said...

@Rebecca Mine was the same at first too with this style it's always a matter of trial and error. However when you do it next try and put a little water so that your hair has some moisture then put oil as you plait. Let me know if that helps!