Monday, 28 April 2014

Blankets & Wine 51st Edition

It’s always a ball going for the Blankets & Wine, picnic packed, a nice shuka or mat lay on, a bottle of your favorite wine and great company. The Easter was super duper!
 (Archive photo)

Most of us walked in expecting a great time and pretty excited to find out the performers of the day. More about the event here:Blankets & Wine Kenya
As I say time and time again, there is nothing as brilliant as a great, electrifying live performance. If anything, I spent my afternoon in total amazement at the brilliant artists on stage! I have the greatest love and appreciation for authentic African music, It's amazing how much great talent there is in this country :)

Side note: how cool were those leather pants? And a mix of Ankara

CEO Founder Muthoni Ndonga
 side note: Leather x lace x gold sneakers, a definite fashion steal!

Eric Wainana lit the stage on fire!

All in all, it was a brilliant time, superb music, superb people, a bottle of wine and picnic,
Like any other girl, I have a soft spot for baby pink, went for plaid x florals and t-strap flats for the afternoon, it was a hot and breezy day, the outfit was super!

Miss Vavavum

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