Monday, 7 April 2014

Fresh 'Princess' Of Bel-Air

So guys I have the AMAZIIINNNGG opportunity to be working with an outstanding Creative director EK Style. Wore this outfit for the first run. Check out EK style for more details! Whenever I am working with a talented creative, I love edgy or rare-combos in my outfits.This outfit reminds me of Will Smith's funky, colorful style from fresh-prince of bel air and the sartorial nerd. The 90s mix of loud colours and the plaid shirt, buttoned up and un-tucked, bringing the look together.

I love color! Bright colors bring joy/ lighten up just about any day or anything and even any mood! And I enjoy mixing unconventional kind of mix-and-match type of thing. Ordinary is just too mainstream lol!

Reds and blues are so majestic when combined together, they have this power, bright and captivating.

The colors, very bold on their own, are best toned down or neutralized with a plaid shirt. At least or this case. To keep on with the fun and bright in the outfit I opted for my lovely peach pumps and BAAAM, you get some va-va-vum!

Behind the scenes...

Photography & Directing: EK Style

What do you guys think?

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Miss Vavavum



Cheptoo Cece said...

I totally love bright colors too. You look Stunning. The skirt is too cute.

Miss Vavavum said...

Bright colors= happiness in my world! Thank you!