Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Birds of a Feather...

It is said that birds of a feather flock together... I'm all literature n sh** this morning tihihi. Majority, if not all of my friends have a sense of style, one way or another. Today I will feature my very close friend Julliet. Her style is funky sophisticated with a love for vintage pieces. She is the  happiest, bubbliest and friendliest person I know. She is that friend that I consult when I am not too sure about a look that I want to put together(i have a tendency of wearing extremes ). I have known her more than half my life! She is amongst my favorite fashionistas close to me. Here is a glimpse at her style...
With a friend at Mi Casa at Blankets and Wine held over the weekend, she was my fashionista of the day! mustard dress x denim  x woven purse x nude studded boots.

For a day at the office, black cigarette pants, blue top with bow detail and oxford black heels, you don't have to look boring for the office!

Wearing print on print(polka dots x quirky print, vintage culot)

Us fooling round...
A gold sequined dress and vintage coat to her birthday party last year. Sequins are great for a night out, she was the shining star of the night (see what i've done there :D)
At Concours D'Elegance a funky mix; green pencil skirt x lace crop top and black oxfords. I love her accessory game too
For a relaxed sunny Saturday with friends, colorful vintage style rompers x strappy heels
And for a cocktail party, a pink dress x beaded pendant x grey strap heels; one word classy!
Isn't she just fabulous?!
Miss Vavavum


Imelda Awuor said...

totally fabulous!! :-) go Julie!

Miss vavavum said...

YEAA!! :)