Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Of Birthday weeks and Fashion

It has been quite an eventful weekend, celebrated two of my friends birthday in a period of just three days?!
 for the first birthday which was last week on Thursday, i went for a mix of khaki and denim and Aldo oxfords. I went all African on the jewelry, beaded necklace, fibre-spun earrings and a colorful headpiece. We were going for an Ethiopian lunch, some hookah and later on drinks. The look was more less casual but stylish. The make-up, hairdo,and shoes indicating that i do know my fashion.( i always like my outfit to express so :D)

i just discovered this new hairstyle, how amazing is it?!

 the birthday girl herself looking pretty in a printed top and an up do

her birthday was on 17th and coincidentally the table at the restaurant we were in was number 17!

 over the weekend, i attended a cocktail party, these are photos of before we all headed out...
my sexy lady friends...

 once again, i went for print on print, i am enjoying all the mixing of extremes :) i hate ordinary everything, i enjoy pushing the limit especially in dressing. and with this new hair style, the outfit was complete! i wore vintage earrings to finish up the look. No much jewelry this time, i felt the outfit a statement in itself.

 for more photos of the party, visit
Miss Vavavum

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