Friday, 7 October 2016

South Africa Fashion Week A/W17 DAY 1

This has been a dream post for a while now, to attend, reside in  and write about South African fashion. You can see the pure excitement in my face in the photos. I landed in Johannesburg earlier in the day, having pre-planned all my outfits before. As I was here solely because of the work I do with  OwnYourCulture, It was only befitting to wear and represent my brand 100% 

The shows were inspirational and creative, with hints of what is to come in a few months. While the seasons we experience here in Nairobi are very different, Fall outfits are great wardrobe additions when transitioning to colder months. The purpose of such shows is to showcase what trends to expect in six months.
First up, Clive Rundle a legendary, Zimbabwe-born, South African raised designer, rather, constructionist as he prefers. He is known for his luxurious, well-made pieces. My first time seeing his work live on the run way, one could feel the luxe from the chic, silky, flowy silhouettes of this A/W17 collection. I loved the layering of the pieces, the captivating prints, the structured coats and the unexpected details on the mesh skirts.

Next up was Judith Atelier, known for their feminine styles and cutting edge use of technology in her designs. The skirts were fun with a playful twist- such as unexpected side ruffles and fringe-like detail. There was lots of printed silky pieces- a current major trend in the fashion world. Another outstanding trend was the embroidery patterns in particular garments in the collection.

And finally Greerkyle whose collection featured dramatic sleeves and cowl neck dresses - trendy and essential for fall weather. Most fascinating; the dress-over-shirt styling- a huge trend in the fashion-sphere. In addition to that was the elastic bands detailing on the bottom of the dresses- sports functionality meets feminine glamour. The collection also featured chic monochrome essential styles for the everyday woman while offering a different twist to the plaid coats. Also dominantly present in the collection were  colorful feminine dresses reminiscent of the early 2000s.

Next up was Somerset Jane whose designer , one could immediately identify as having a unique, authentic fashion flair. Her collection featured modern cuts and style with her own unique twist, like the sweatpants cropped at the knee. There were structured dresses in muted pastels, dramatic sleeves with an overall feel of gracefulness and trendy.

Presenting strong earth colors in different textures and styles, the last designer SOBER's collection was a wardrobe must-have. Outstanding in this collection was the  the creative incorporation of bold geometric prints, reminiscent of the Ndebele art work, into her outfits.( So very #OwnYourCulture)

The above videos featured current and upcoming fashion trends in the world over. There is so much to fashion in Africa beyond prints, I loved these collections as you could feel the authenticity, the design process and passion put to work. Kenyan designers, create from your soul and watch the magic unfold!

Have any favorites? See more on the South Africa Fashion Week Website

Photo c/o Sunglass Hut #ShadesOfYou Photo booth
Miss Vavavum

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