Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sneakers Invasion!


There is just something a pair of colorful sneakers. The last time I wore these i was still a teenager. They are comfy and seemingly timeless!

  A simple vest- dress + sneakers,

This is far from my ordinary go to outfits, I shy away from sneakers alot

Not forgetting my love for midi-skirts
 Some camera loving :')

Unruly hair don't care
Miss Vavavum


Yvonne Olga said...

Awesome post! I love converse shoes, they're comfy and go perfectly with so many outfits.

I love your hair!!! :-)

Miss Vavavum said...

thank you Yvonne! :)

Rebecca said...

Love love love the look!!

Ave just bought some purple converse i know a new way to wear them :)