Thursday, 11 April 2013

From day to night, leather style

Leather is back like its black! (for serious lack of one-liners hehe)
 Leather has made a comeback this year, in all colors and clothing types. In the past and currently, leather clothing was and is mostly associated with bikers and rock fans; their jackets,pants,boots and even  vests!  Wearing colorful leather can be tricky but rarely can one go wrong with good old black leather pants! The weather has been rather dull lately, my leather pants have been my comfort.
For the daytime outfit, I wore my leather pants high- waist x my sheer cheetah print top tucked in and layered with a denim boyfriend shirt. I finished off this look with blue slip-ons. I went for nude  -colored lipstick, foundation and black eye-liner. Denim and slip ons are the easiest way to give a relaxed feel to just about any look. The denim shirt was very thick,It was fairly warm. I discovered that nude lipstick adds an amazing glow to the skin in daytime.
This was my outfit to a rugby match that was held earlier on that afternoon. With the denim shirt, the look was simplified, so to speak write(I kid) The nude make up was subtle enough too. Unfortunately my team never made It to the finals. 
Some of the games watched...
Photos courtesy of Kenya Rugby Union

  More photos here

For the night out look, I left the denim shirt, I untucked the cheetah print top, changed to my nude-colored pumps. As for make-up, I changed from nude lipstick to bright red lipstick,same foundation and eyeliner. I maintained the same jewelry and I was set for the night. For night parties the louder the make-up, the better! Animal print and leather are a perfect mix for a night out! As you can see, the pumps took the outfit up a notch = chic

And that right there is the simplest way to wear one outfit, from day to night!

Miss Vavavum 

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