Thursday, 18 April 2013

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My fashion style has been likened a lot to Erykah Badu by people I associate with every now and then. Truth be told, I didn't really know much about her(at least fashionably speaking, yaa digg??) I have been going through her music videos,fashion style posts about her and she really IS something! I also figured, years later, that I do know her songs. Fashionably speaking, her style is very eccentric! I love what she does with her hair, how she accessorizes, I can relate. Comparing her to myself, I think dress a bit safer than her(but then again she is a musician,eccentric fashion is life!). Come to think of it, I think my acquaintances used the comparison due to lack of a better word: eccentric/edgy (this a note to all ye acquaintances) Musically speaking she is alright like ALRIGHT!! Been listening to her music a lot lately

2.ohh yeess!!!!

I am very much obsessed with these 6-inch pointed toe pumps... the pictures say it all, shoegarsm!!


 I have mentioned before that I am a photography enthusiast. Not just fashion photography but all forms, especially abstract.Instagram is THE place my fellow photography enthusiasts!(depends on who you follow though) I came across Mutua Matheka. Oh my??!! his work is amazing!! He captures the most random thing but the angle, the lighting and all that photography mumbo jumbo he uses to take the photos is simply beautiful! here is a link 
(oh and the website is one of the coolest i have come across)


 This one right here deserves a standing ovation! one Bikozulu. I love to read just about anything especially humorous, relate-able, well written pieces. I am a sucker for a good read! Bikozulu is just the site! The  writer has a magnificent way with words, I wake up and sleep reading this site! link:

5.Natural African hair, call me cliche and what you want but I am very much in love with African hair. Our salonists and society as a whole have shunned the beauty of natural african hair. I am still searching for a good hair salon in the city that can actually manage my transitioning hair. See my naptural friend's hair rant here embracing da kink in my hair.

I am currently in my transitioning phase, I want to see my real afro(I permed my hair at age 9, I barely remember what my afro looked like) then eventually lock my hair. I have been stalking several natural hair sites and constantly calling my naptural friend of Beautiful African Woman for hair advice. My hair is making great progress. I am amazed by the little curls around my hairline, the shrinkage,oh and minimalist make up is winning too!

6. This is actually a daily obsession, make it for life even. Karla's closet! she is beautiful,elegant and damn right stylish! she seems effortlessly cool... I love her jewelry choices and how she rocks her hair.


 These are my second comfort escape, the trilbys, the wide brimmed sun hats etc


The Sartorialist. I love the combination of good photography and short but concise writing. He also takes shots of random peoples style, I find this site quite mind opening(again fashionably speaking) Fashion is not about confining and conforming, it is all about creativity. I draw most of my fashion inspirations here. See link


 The Mr.price blog is my one stop site for everyday inspiration.I love the site concept and the relate-able content posted. To top It up is there stores all over the city. Thanks to this blog, I never fail to know how to match up outfits.

And finally!! Chico Leco presents!! I came across this as I was reading one of my favorite blogs Dressupnation. These are videos with great styling concepts, video production and directing  techniques and great work from the models and designers involved.Very good choice of music too!
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