Saturday, 23 April 2016

Hair Envy 2.0 with Yvette Kemi

In the past 3 weeks I have experienced various extreme stress emotions, from sleepless nights setting up our art and fashion installation(see previous post) to learning that maintaining websites is not as easy as It looks! ICYMO(In Case You Missed Out) we recently launched a new site for the #OwnYourCulture Instagram movement. It's been exciting to hear your feedback on this great passion project! As most newbie website owners technical glitches are the worst! But we triumphed and are back! This week we feature some major hair envy coutersy of Yvette Kemi she has the most lustrous, curly hair this side of the Sahara. We also got some great tips to reach all those #hairgoals you have! Here's a sneak peek

Let me know your thoughts!
Miss Vavavum



i want a pair, this is so lovely

Stephylately said...

Great initiative. Where can I make a purchase?