Sunday, 15 September 2013

Of 'selfies' and unruly hair

 Wearing your hair one way can get pretty boring at times. As much as I love my curly afro there are times I want it tied up in a bun, combed down(heat free of course) A few days ago, I switched from the twists to a three- strand twist out (commonly referred to as 'matuta') to achieve this. Over the past few months I have noted an increase in my mane, to a point that even an afro takes a lot of work to put together evenly.
 And in the spirit of trying new things, I had this hairdo for two days. This hairdo looks amazing with the 90s retro or the vintage style of the 70s and before.



Then i re-did the hair to achieve my daily 'fro 
As of earlier today
 (To achieve a similar afro for transitioning and natural hair, see this link:

Which style do you prefer? Do let me know 

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Miss Vavavum


Cheptoo Cece said...

I super LOVE the kinky curls. It looks great on you.
Your you-tube channels are very interesting as well. Keep up.

Miss Vavavum said...

Thank you Cece!! :)