Saturday, 13 July 2013

To A Longer, Prosperous, Blessed Life

I always have this thing, I like to do certain things before my birthday; I always make a list of bad habits to do away with, strategies to excel in whatever I want to achieve, plan for the next year and generally check if I am where I set out to be. As in some of my earliest posts, I am crazy obsessed with my birth day / month/week/ date its crazy! But then again, someone's got to be thankful that all this awesomeness was brought into this world! 
The bottom line is, birthdays are very ,VERY special to me. I always set goals for each year, keep track of achievements/ slacking(and try correct them), learn and promise to be and be better. 
A year ago, around the same time, I started this blog. It was my goal before I turned twenty something years. I am happy where I was, to where I am now, the new friends, followers, jobs, experiences and learning new things as I go by.
I could go on and on about my wishes and goals(ambition is my second nature) I have plans to conquer! (hold this to me by end of this year )

I really had to do this post before my birthday(at least on this part of the world)
This is a measure of where I am in life, It IS mine anyway, so now to make goals that I MUST live up to

To be honest, I have just started out with some of the goals, call it a little taste of my own heaven, I pray for patience , wisdom,perserverance and success,

To be happier, enjoy each day at a time, I am getting old!! I need to enjoy each moment.It is always a blessing!
To keep and appreciate those that have my back and reciprocate,
And most of all to keep God first in all that I do.

Miss Vavavum

P.S help a girl out and follow my work here, the Lord shall bless you!

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Anonymous said...

You look lovely.I love the bag and shoes.The dress is gorgeous!:)