Thursday, 21 March 2013

Of Colorful friends and Pizza

I cannot stress enough how i am a huge pizza fanatic! A few days ago i met up with the usual suspects for a quick lunch in between classes (the things we do for love?!)
The oh-so-glorious pizza :)(after some of it was massacred)

Annette's mix of earth colors and beaded accessories, the turban, the coat detail
full look...

check out Julie's color mix, the nails , her DIY bracelet, the mix of pearls and gold was very eye catching. Look at her thick mane?!

her full looks ...

yours truly exercising her diva rights on the staircase (vanity  :D)

This was my attempt at monochromatic look(ish) a blue floral top, blue skinny pants.A closer look at the top,braidstyle, my triangular shaped earrings, and my books :D
 Miss Vavavum

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