Monday, 21 October 2013


It is amazing how easy it is to lose track of time so easily, hours turn into days, days into weeks soon enough weeks to months… time really does fly!
In my absence I have been quite the busy body, event planning here, indulging in my marvelously great book, catching up with old friends, but mostly event planning.
Blankets &Wine the monthly music festival (held very first Sunday of the month) held a tribute concert in memory of the Westgate victims.

The friends and I 

My friend Shitawa  and I during the Candle light session

Muthoni the Drummer Queen, C.E.O, Founder of Blankets & Wine and musician , a true game changer(I mean look at the Blankets&Wine Experience) held a champagne breakfast to unveil her new album project: 
The second album, titled MDQ which is an embodiment of all her personalities as a female, musician and entrepreneur. The album essentially traces 10 lessons that Muthoni has learnt in the last four years since her last album "The Human Condition" lessons which have enabled her to get to the point she is at. In MDQ, Muthoni shares with the world the BIG idea that success is possible and achievable, on your own terms, no matter where you start.
Guests at breakfast...

Part of the team behind it :)
 The song, as the unveiling of the event(Champagne Breakfast at 6a.m?!) shall be released in a special way, with each song being released every week as of this past Friday. This is, according the Drummer Queen, to allow for you to listen and understand each song. For those in Kenya, to get the first song released this past Friday, download here
For those not in Kenya, see here
Watch the music video here 

Follow MDQ on Twitter here @MuthoniDQ
Facebook : Muthoni The Drummer Queen
Her official website:

Miss Vavavum

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