Monday, 12 October 2015

How to Wear Prints and #OwnYourCulture

I have been asked many times how to mix prints with colorful 'traditional' ornaments. Oftentimes some people shy away from "too colorful" jewelry especially of the "traditional" kind. The trick to making these traditional pieces work with your printed dress or top, style your printed outfit with plain colored jewelry in bright colors.
 These pieces can turn even the drab-est of outfits into a stylish outfits. "Tradtioinal" jewelry is artistically crafted and a proper statement piece!
 To see more inspirational ways to wear "traditional" East African jewelry, head on to OwnYourCulture Instagram to see how trendsetters all over the world wear their culture with style and pride. Join the movement, take a pic and tag @OwnYourCulture

 Shop similar pieces on #OwnYourCulture on Uberduka or Kuona Trust Centre Nairobi

Join the movement! Let's wear our culture with style and pride!

Makeup:Njoki Makeup

Miss Vavavum

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