Monday, 13 April 2015

Enkarewa (Maasai Jewelry) #OwnYourCulture

African culture is rich and beautiful. With modernization fast moving into rural areas, we must as Kenyans , East Africans, own what’s rightfully ours. We have seen our cultural pieces selling for millions abroad, why not own it and wear it proudly? and to better our creative economy, buy, create more and sell them? Beads have been a symbol of beauty in centuries past here in Africa and for the longest time, these pieces were the style items back in the day. I am of the opinion that these pieces are still stunners to date, and why not whip ‘em out and wear them proudly, as an appreciation to our ancestors creative genius.

Directed by; Cate Rira
Production; Panoram Production
I am curious how do you wear your traditional jewelry, tag me on @MissVavavum Twitter or @MissVavavum Instagram let me know!

Miss Vavavum 

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