Wednesday, 19 November 2014

At Nairobi Fashion Market

Ahh... The Nairobi Fashion Market... brings back some great memories, young and hungry, chasing after my fashion dream backed with nothing but willingness, focus and a passion for fashion. This was some 3 years back, I landed my first ever style gig at this event, a good story for another day!
Well this past event was no different, this time still very much filled and driven by my passion for fashion, A LOT more knowledge, valuable experience and a dire need to do my best to build the fashion industry.I spent most of my time hunting for designers, my goodness we have great talent in this country!
It was great to be back, mixing work and play-life's little joys ;)

Checking in to the event with my younger sister

Racks and racks of clothes- so much color and prints ;)

the runway

The weather was rather dull on this particular day, but fortunately the sun made a brief appearance. I opted for a monochrome look with a touch of culture, while my sister looked absolutely yummy in orange skirt + black high neck top (side note isn't her neck piece stunning?!)

Miss Vavavum

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