Friday, 12 September 2014

Kurlly Diaries Meet up

Sometime ago, I attended  a meet-up for one of the Natural Hair groups I'm part of. We were celebrating a year of sisterhood and the beauty and diversity of natural hair.This happened last month at the San Valencia Restaurant.That week, I was the laughing stock among my friends and family whenever I revealed my weekend plan. It was an interesting get together, met so many beautiful  ladies wearing their afros in different styles. We shared, laughed and had a great time!
Some of the products for natural hair,

 Photos by Sienna of Thread Muse Blog

Myself with the lovely Sienna

Made some new Kurlly friends,
 My outfit, I love this Maasai piece! It's just right with everything I own!I intend to wear this Maasai piece with just about all my outfits until I see it being widely appreciated ;)

Have a fabulous weekend!
Miss Vavavum

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