Thursday, 17 July 2014

Unveiling UberDuka

Living in Nairobi, you may well know how difficult It is to find particular Items. Well has all that covered.

Uber Duka is a social market place that allows you, designers,artists, craftsmen and stores curate catalogs of their creative and unique products for you to discover, shop and share. On this platform you can curate catalogs of products you love to share with your social circles on Uberduka. Uberduka allows you discover creative and unique products from each other, product creators & stores based on shared interests. Our vision is a society where if you create and/or sell quality products, you shouldn't have a hard time reaching people interested in those products, whether you’re neighbors or you live on separate continents. It’s free to host your products so whether you sell in an open market or have chain stores, the focus is on the quality of your products and the awesome community around them. People are everywhere and are connected through mutual friendships. You share interests with a bunch of these people. They've been to places and stores you haven’t. Here’s a way for them to share what they love and where they got them to a community that reciprocates. There’s no time to be everywhere, see everything. This way, at the end of the day we help each other experience more of the world.
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Miss Vavavum

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