Monday, 10 March 2014

The Quirky Life

I have a love for quirky styled everything. If office wear or an occasion doesn’t in any way dictate my dress code, I am more likely to fall into something of the quirky kind. Currently I am super-majorly obsessed with a sweater worn over an un-tucked shirt.But I prefer to save this for dates with the art minded. They are more likely to understand my style. I settled for these red earrings to sort of bring some normality to the outfit. Of course, my statement neck-piece is A MUST! You know my history with statement neck-pieces!
And there is something delicious about mixing mints and denims! Add on a pair of strappy sandals with a block heel! It's an explosion of goodness!
I started doing three-strand twists(matuta) and knotting them as I do for the Bantu knot-outs.The result s are more or less the same. See below.Also how gorgeous is a dark lippy?! Especially maroon, this is by far most favorite lippy! 

I have been trying different hairstyles and so far the full untamed afro is my favorite! 

I wore this to a fashion focus group and work(luckily my work is in great support of creativity)

 If you have any questions on hair do let me know!
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Be happy!
Miss Vavavum


Wangu said...

Your hair is lovely

Rebecca said...

i like the look...
Quirky is Qool :)

am trying to work my hair but it aint workin... its stiff and doesn't hold curls after trying the matutas and combing slightly..
Any tips?

Miss Vavavum said...

thank you! Wangu

Miss Vavavum said...

Thanks :) about hair, I had the same problem too. Matutas are actually more stubborn than the Bantu knots. What you can do is plait the matuta when your hair is slightly wet, then oil as you plait. After plaiting it, twits into a tiny bun just like the Bantu knots, and oil your scalp. Before you plait make sure you have applied conditioner/leave-in treatment to your hair. Hope that helps!

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