Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Around and About

Well you are allowed to hate me just a little for the disappearance, at least drop a hello comment for me J
but  with absence comes a great story right?
For those living in Nairobi, y’all are well aware of the biggest, bestset concert that went down earlier this month… Blankets&Wine 50th edition, 
It was quite something putting this event together especially during the festive season…

More of the event photos here Blankets&Wine50

After such great work a well deserved holiday was in place, the marvelous Indian ocean

Swahili Beach

by the beach at night 

I am still suffering from nostalgia of the amazing holiday, what have you been up to?
Although belated, happy new year!!
Miss Vavavum


Rebecca said...


Belated Happy new year too :)

Cheptoo Cece said...

Looked like fun.....& I love your Ankara shorts.