Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Power of Red

I am a producer by profession (ahem) moving on swiftly..., there are a couple of projects i'm working on(will share soon!) 
This again was done at the art gallery,Kuona Trust, see more about It here
This time I was joined by my lovely cousin Ruth :)
Lately, I have been lacking the ability to construe my words in sentences,I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
'behind the scenes'
BTW, note Ruth's amazing curly afro and the shoes ;)

(Denim shirt-Gifted;creased denim pants-Mr.Price; Red tassel boots & Tote Bag-gifted)
Director Of Photography Mako Mang'ira

Miss Vavavum


Chez Maureen said...

Love the shoes.....gorge look

Miss Vavavum said...

Thank you dear!

Anonymous said...

those shoes are WOW!!!!

Cheptoo Cece said...

Shoe-holic is officially here....I Adore your shoes.
Where did you get your bag, am looking for a tote?

Glamour ZONE said...

great look doll
love the wedges
btw i think i spotted you in junction

Miss Vavavum said...

Thanks ladies!n that right there is the power of a red shoe ;)
And Cece this particular bag was a gift but you can check out one of the stalls next to WBC, there is a lady there who sells such :)